Game Overview

Venom is a typical arcade style game with 9 levels where you run and jump using your arrow keys. The object of the game is to collect the required ingredients to save Chubbs. All while avoiding minis, and useless items that will fill your bag.  You can find Venom in the Action section of the games menu.

Rewards:  Save Chubbs and Nova will transfer the Light Stone (if you have it) to your primary pet. Max pay out is 10,000.

Game Controls: Use your arrow keys. Left key – moves Nova left, Right – moves Nova right, Up – makes Nova jump, Down – makes Nova duck.  Spacebar sets off bomb.

Tips & Tricks: Early in the game you should try to collect as many bonuses as possible, as these will make the game easier (not easy, but easier). Never forget your bomb. If you have 100 points built up you can press the spacebar to cause Nova to set off a stink bomb that scares all the minis on your screen away.  Stay away from the edges! Note:  Grail of Illumination has tips for beating Venom. Be sure to check those out!

Game Play

To start the game click on either Play Pop-Up, or Play Full-Screen. You are welcomed with an intro to the game, which is the story of how Chubbs was turned into a spider and now requires Nova to save him.  You can skip the intro if you wish, however I suggest watching it at least once. It’s rather cute.

Once the intro is done and you click on Play Venom, or if you decided to skip the intro you’ll see this screen. This screen gives you a rundown of game controls and game play. Read this screen.

Once you’ve read this and fully understand press the Continue button to begin the game.

Here we go!

In the picture above you’ll see the game screen.

The bar on the bottom of your screen shows your lives, score, what to collect, your basket space, pause button, and sound on/off button.

The life bar tells you how many lives you have. You can earn more lives in the game by collecting the Nova heads that fall down. Run out of lives and the game will end.

The score bar tells you your current score. Earn points by collecting the required ingredients.  If you collect things that are not required it will deduct points from your score. The only thing you should try to collect are the ingredients that it tells you to, and the bonuses.

The Collect bar shows you what you need to collect and how many you need to get to make it to the next round.  Ex: On round 1 I need to collect 6 drops of water to move to round 2.

The Basket bar shows you how full your basket is. If you fill up your basket without collecting the required ingredients your game will end.

Pause button will pause the game. This button comes in handy. Do not forget it!

Sound button turns the sound on or off.


Heads give you extra lives: Hourglasses will make Nova move faster: Kanga coins add to your score

Red Kangas are worth 5 points, while Yellow Kangas are worth 50 points.

Note: Bonuses add points and do not take up any basket space.


In the beginning I try to collect as many hourglasses and lives as possible. I also try to build my score up. Level 1 can be a bit hard because Nova moves so slow, but as soon as you get some hourglasses it will become a little easier. Minis will begin to move faster so watch their timing, and always remember you can run and jump for a longer jump if two minis are joining up on you.  On the first 2 levels you will face only komors on the ground.

Get as close to the mini as possible before jumping. While pressing your up arrow key hit either left or right key. If the mini is coming from the left side of the screen hit the left arrow key, if it’s coming from the right hit the right key. This will send you in the direction to avoid the mini.

The next few levels you will begin to duck as bats will begin to appear along with the komors. Make sure you hold your down arrow key long enough. If you let go too soon the bat will take a life. This has happened to me many times. Take your time and hold it down longer that you think you need to. They will be coming at you rather fast so time your jumps and ducks carefully. You will still see hourglasses and extra lives dropping often. Continue to get these as they will soon begin to fall less often.  Make sure you take your time. Getting impatient or trying to rush will only make you lose your lives.

You should now begin to see spiders which are the easiest to avoid of all the enemies in this game. You can either jump a spider, or you can duck. Although you will still be seeing komors and bats they will not be coming at you like previously. Be sure you are still building up your points and only using your bombs when you have to. At this point it seems the higher level you get the less the key ingredient falls, thus making the levels harder and longer.  A thing to remember: pause the game and walk away for a moment. Coming back refreshed has helped me beat the game. These levels get long and tedious so be prepared to spend some time here. On the final levels you’ll begin to enjoy the company of thingleas. They bounce about so you’ll need to work on your timing with these. You’ll have a few options to avoid them, you can either jump, run under them, or duck. This is where that awesome score you have will come in handy. Spacebar is your best friend. Especially on the last 2 levels. These last levels aren’t easy at all, and you’ve come too far to lose now. Just watch for your ingredients and avoid anything that isn’t one at all cost. Your bag will only hold a couple useless ingredients.  Keep calm, and be patient you’ll soon have this game beat! It isn’t easy so take your time.

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