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We put hundreds of hours into ppmegahelpsite so that you get only the very best. But, don’t take our word for it, just ask loyal users!

AngelxOxBabiie: I’ve been using this site for years over any other. The custom features is what makes this site really stand out!

Cray: I love how this site is extremely user-friendly and guides PP beginners Like me through the various areas of the site. Through ppmegahelpsite, i learnt where the freebies are and understood more about the achievements possible to be achieved such as elite, supreme elite and so on. I also explained clearly about the whole PF City thing, which i was really confused about. A really great help indeed! Thank you!

-Spectra-: I love the Cheezilla’s page – no more opening tabs and tabs of stuff! The Berry Box.is extremely helpful as well 😀 40 Doors is also good when I remember to do it.

Daenerys: It’s got a lot of cool features like the 40 doors page, berry box and I’m just starting to use the timers which is extremelyyy helpful because some of these things slip my mind!

Smurfe_Doodling: Love 40 doors, Berry box, Strength list and Timers.

Pumpkinpanda: I’ve only recently started using this site but definitely finding the 40 doors page helpful 🙂

Mayor: I love buying GoCash from here because it’s much easier than using powerpets paypal and waiting for the credits, you get the codes instantly here!

 Moonlightmuse: Can I say that I really love your helpsite, it’s really great! You guys did an amazing job! Thank you so much for all the info 🙂

AnimalLover4Evr: I love “ppmegahelpsite!” It’s so amazing and helpful! Whenever I need help on PowerPets regarding Quests, 40 Doors, or even updating my Profile, “ppmegahelpsite” has it all. I would like to thank the people who made this website possible; InvalidEntry and oOKiraraOo. Without you two, and even others who might have even helped along the way, thousands of people wouldn’t have anything to look forward to on PowerPets, because they wouldn’t know how to get started! Without “ppmegahelpsite,” I would be lost with navigating around PowerPets, honestly. Very long comment, I know! Lol But, I cannot even begin to describe how this website has not only helped me, but other players on PowerPets, as well. I pretty much just talked about everything, so I just want to say… Thank you guys so much! 😀

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