Game Overview

Tournament Solitaire is Klondike Solitaire.  The object of the game is to get stack the cards and to get the highest possible score.

Rewards: A time bonus of 2pts for every second remaining is awarded upon game completion. Max payout is 10,000.

Game Play

To start the game click on either Play Pop-Up, or Play Full-Screen.

You’ll begin with this screen. Here you’ll find info on the game such as how scoring works. Once you’ve read the scoring info click PLAY to begin.

You are now in game mode. If you’ve never played Solitaire before this probably looks very weird to you. Solitaire is a one-player game that is played with playing cards. The games are not always solvable. The object of solitaire is to create four piles of cards – one per suit – in ascending order (beginning with Ace and ending with King.  Note this game is timed. You have 5 minutes to complete the game.  Let’s begin!

Notice in the picture above you have 4 spaces at the top, one with a heart, one with a spade, another with a diamond, and then one with a club. You will build you piles here, starting with Aces working your way to Kings.

Let’s look at our cards. We have 3C,JS,AC,AS,3D,QH, and a 7S.

First off we want to put our Aces where they belong, so let’s click on them to add them to their spaces at the top.

Now that you understand how and where Aces go let’s draw from the deck

In the picture above notice the card circled in red. This is your deck. When you click on it you’ll be dealt 3 cards. However you can only use the top card from those 3 cards. If you need the 2nd card from the 3 cards you’ll have to use the one on top of it first.

After clicking on the deck I was dealt an 8C,10D, and a 4C.  I have to use the 8C before I can use any of the cards under it. So let’s see if I can use it. I can! I can move the 8C to the 9H. Why? Because in solitaire you can only move a card onto a number that is 1 higher and of a different color. Ex: Spades, and Clubs can be put on top of Hearts and Diamonds, and Hearts and Diamonds can be put on top of Clubs and Spades.

So I am going to move the 8C to the 9H. Once I move it I’ll be able to use the card under it if I can place it anywhere.

Once I placed the 8C I was able to move a few cards around on m board. Notice the pile that doesn’t have a card face up? This is because I moved the face up card from that pile. To use another card from that pile, click on the deck and another will flip over. In order to win at this game you’ll need to get rid of all the piles on the board. You do this by eventually moving all the cards up to the top 4 spaces.

The picture above shows that have an empty space I can fill. However I can only fill that space with a King. Kings are the highest possible cards in the game and are the only ones that can be placed in an empty spot. So drag him to the empty spot.

On the bottom you need to go from K to 2 following a sequence of Black/ Red, or Red/Black.

In the top 4 slots you need to start with Aces and work your way up to Kings. In these slots you go by suit only. Hearts will only go in the hearts slot, diamonds with only go in the diamonds slot ..ect.

Notice in the picture below that I’ve got the clubs slot built up to 4. I need to reach a point to where I have a king in each of these slots to win the game.

Once you get the Kings in the top slots you will be victorious.

As previously stated, all games are not solvable. If you get to a point in your game where you have no moves left you’ll need to hit the quit button to start another game.

Good Luck!

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