Tad’s Twenty One was released in 2009. The game can be found under the Cards and Dice category in Games. Collect up to 10000 Game Tokens per play and cash out up to 5 times a day (or 10 times if you are an upgraded member).

Tad decided to get out there with his very own solitaire card game. In Tad’s Twenty-One, all you need to do is make card combinations that add up to 21.

How the Game Works:

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The object of the game is to get to 21. Aces (A) are valued at 1 or 11. K, Q, and J are valued at 10. The rest are the cards are face value (card 9 = 9, card 8 = 8, and so on down to 2).

You will be given more time if you are able to make the cards add up to 21. Go over 21, you “bust” and lose points. To get rid of a card simply hit the “click here to discard” button. Beware, however, that time will be deducted for doing so.

Example Game:


You always start out with 2 minutes per game and 48 cards in your stack. You can see how much time you have left by looking under Time and how many cards you have left by looking under Cards Left.

The card on deck is currently 9. You can move the card into any one of the four columns by clicking Hit Me. For this example, I will put the card in column 4 (at this point of the game, it doesn’t matter which column).


The card on deck is now 2. The card 2 is worth “2 points” and can be added to any of the 4 columns. If you choose to add it to the 4th column (in this example, I will), 9 + 2 = 11 which is your new total. 11 is just 10 numbers away from from 21!

You can also see which cards are coming up next. As shown above, the next card is Q (see the black arrow). Q is worth 10 “points” and if added to the 4th column, will make the total 21. Whenever you hit 21, the column will empty itself and you start back at 0.


Later in this round, you see that I have hit 21 and columns 2 and 3 are at 17 each. The card in deck is currently 4. 17 + 4 = 21, so I can add it to either column without going over 21 and “busting.”

Should you decide that you don’t want the card 4 in any of the 4 columns, click where it says Click Here to Discard.


The above is a “hidden” game for bonus points. Click Back to shoot the ball and win points; in this example, it’s a 300 bonus.


Click Start to begin the next level/ round. Keep in mind that your cards will go back up to 48, but your time does not refill to 2 minutes. You only have as much time as you did before playing the bonus level.


You will see a 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x indicator. Every time you score 21 you will get 10 points times the indicator shown. For example, score 21 when the 2x indicator is lit up and receive 10 x 2 points (20 points).

Another bonus is the 5 Card Bonus.  You will receive this bonus if the sum of 5 cards in the same column adds up to 21 or is less than 21. The base bonus is 10 points, however, you can multiply it (2x, 3x, 4x) depending which light is lit up.

Each level is over when you go through a deck of cards. Make it through a full deck of cards and you will also receive bonus points. If a column is lit up light blue you will have the chance to earn bonus points in the bonus pinball game.

Good luck & remember to save your score!

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