Get your pet to 1000 strength. This one has gotten easier through the
years. There is the berry box, strength toys and strength drinks/food.

Rate: 4/10

Have a Supreme Elite Trophy on hands – easy, but costs a fortune. Supreme
Elite trophies have skyrocketed. They use to cost around 3,000,000 PBS,
but they have jumped past $15 million.

Rate: 7/10

5,000,000 PBs in a long term bond. Make sure it’s a long term bond. If
you get 5 million and can afford it, lock it away for as long as you can
so you don’t touch it.

Rate: 5/10

Obtain 10 pieces of land in any one PF city. This isn’t difficult but may be costly.

Rate: 5/10

Get 3000 books, read and rate them. This is the one people do last
because it can cost a couple hundred million. You need over 300 retired
books to reach 3000. Retired books tend to sell in the $300-500k range.

Rate: 10/10

Add 100 armor to two minis. This one is the pain in the butt, not only
do you have to have two minis, you need to buy the basic armor first,
then wait hours between adding each armor.

Rate: 8/10

Complete 2 job cycles which is 600 jobs at the Job Agency – this is just
time consuming and not expensive compared to the rest.

Rate: 3/10

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