Title: Sugar Rush Game Guide

Written by: SugarLily


Sugar Rush was introduced on June 2013 and is located under the “Action” category in Games. Collect up to 5000 Game Tokens per play and cash out up to 5 times a day (10 times for upgraded accounts). A MMM ticket is awarded for every score of 1500 or more; your score is equivalent to the amount of game tokens you will receive!

This fun flash game features a starving Sugarus flying for food. Your job is to guide it throughout the many obstacles of its journey. The Sugarus (as well as objects) move in a fairly swift pace and you will be using your cursor to control where the Sugarus flies.


“Click PLAY to play this game.”

After the screen loads, you will see:

Click “Play” to continue on or “About” to read the basics.

About clicking “Play” on the game’s main screen, you will see where it says “Start”. You now have the option of turning off your sound or temporarily disabling the game’s “music” (I personally do better without it, but this is up to you to decide), before the game actually starts. Your full health bar will also be displayed, as well as “Score” and “Distance”. (IF you DO NOT see the following, you may need to re-adjust your screen display, before playing.)

There is no pause option, so make sure you have time before you start playing. Once you start, the Sugarus will continuously move forward horizontally. You have the power of moving it up or down, by using your cursor; the Sugarus will be horizontal to where you place your computer mouse.

The more food you catch, the higher your score.

Food items are on the page in random places that can be easily seen and include the following: apples, smiley lollipop, chocolate donut, cupcake, banana, and pretzel.

They start out giving you 1 point each time the Sugarus “gets to it” and increase as the game progresses. Bumping into the obstacles will all lower your health; score and distance are not affected. Missing food items will do the same, however, at a much smaller ratio of health loss. The game ends once your health bar is empty.

Obstacles start out coming in slow and speed up as the game goes; they include the: aluminum can, plane, pink balloon, and PP character Kyla.

Please remember to click “Save” once your game is over!


Boosters appear randomly, scattered like the food items.

Magnet: The booster looks like a magnet.

Food will come towards your Sugarus for a short amount of time.

Magic Shroom/Speed Boost: The booster looks like a circle with a face inside it.

Sugarus flies faster than the usual speed; increases distance faster. While this particular booster is active, the Sugarus is immune to damage from any obstacle hits (with the exception of when it starts to fade away).


Avoid the obstacles. Your game will last longer skipping some of the food items, as that alone does not affect your health as much as getting hit. Don’t risk getting hit for a bonus either. It’s usually not worth it!

Obstacles will come towards the Sugarus horizontally and exactly where it says “Look Out!!” This gives you a few seconds to move the Sugarus somewhere else within the screen. As the game progresses, you will find that multiple obstacles will come at you parallel to each other. Pay attention to where the “Look Out!!” warning appeared first.


Three game badges (Diamond, Titanium, and Leather) are awarded to the top three players’ with the highest score that week, every week. See if you can earn one!

If you visit Herman Howler, he may just challenge you to this game. You can also challenge others players to this game in Game Challenges.

Sources: Grail of Illumination, in-game observations and screenshots.

Last – but definitely not least, have fun!

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