A post a long time ago between SweetFire and I….Thanks AngelxOxBabiie for it. Who has been stalking me since 2007.

Remember, I was young. Like 13 years old. I’m 24 now 🙂


StockBroker Posted On: 2007-01-20 12:36:46

I just uploaded my pet and it was approved then were the friend thing is i see my black chicken…That isn’t up there…on my list…I clicked on it and can’t see who owns it…can u tell me?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:37:26

I mean i cant see who took my image and put it on their profile.

TheMetal Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:40:04

Congratulations! Your uploaded pet image from the Cat category has been APPROVED.

I see your cat in your profile.

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:41:17

No i mean the request thing. To be with friends i see a picture of my chicken on it.. It should be blacky is requesting friends to be with etc

TheMetal Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:45:01

so you uploaded a chicken but it hasn’t been approved yet?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:51:58

If i did it was AGEEEEEES ago i just looked and it says for my pictures



I accepted the friendship of my own chicken….it just seems strange

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:53:21

If u go to the pet place u will see a place little chicken in a hand…That is my little black chicken in my hand…How can it be requesting friends if i don’t have it on profle..and it just canclled sweetfires dog friend ship..which I didn’t

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 12:58:27

please leave this up… I need to take a shower.

TheMetal Posted At: 2007-01-20 14:49:14

you’re very confusing

Huntress Posted At: 2007-01-20 14:59:29

Your pet chicken was uploaded by someone else as their own? (they stole it?)

Now they want to befriend your cat at Pet Palace?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:41:51

TheMetal….And Huntress…I don’t know if my chicken was stolen… All i know is that MY chicken wanted to be friends with my cat.

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:46:15

When i click account managment it says this for my pets

Blacky – declined

Payne – Edit

But how can my Chicken be friends with other pets?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:51:12

First off…I never uploaded a chicken.

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:54:52

Or if i did i don’t remember

And how can my chicken cancel friendship xD

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:57:52

maybe the chicken has a problem with the cat

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 15:59:48

…The chicken is dead.

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:03:04

buy a new chicken, take a picture and upload it

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:16:45

I still have the picture..I am done with chickens…Can i still upload it again? But that still doesn’t explain how the chicken can ask for friends.

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:38:23

maybe its a spirit chicken

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:42:10

:P You don’t know whats going on do you?

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:43:01

absolutely not LOLOL

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:46:15

xD Cause my chicken cancelled friendship with your dog. I was like…how. Doesn’t make sense

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:47:24

my dog doesn’t have any friends…he’s kinda snotty that way

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:50:34

:P Then how can my chicken cancelle friend ships with ur dog :P

I’m not doing anything i can even look at the details for the chicken

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:51:31

but didn’t u say above u didn’t upload a chicken?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:53:29

No. If i did it was declined when i go to Account Manager

I see the darn black chicken

under neat the pic it says DECLINED

and i see my cat. underneath that it says accepted..

But the darn chicken is making friends

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:54:03

its a friendly chicken

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:55:43

BAH! it was. but u know when u click on the pets it brings u to what the owner wrote…but when i click on my darn chicken it just refreashes the page.

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:56:27

so someone else has ur chicken?

Huntress Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:57:42

What the number of the chicken you are refreshing?

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:58:35

Not in real life. but maybe the picture…i can’t find out who tho

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 16:59:05

I just can’t read the details. of what the owner might say about the chicken…go to pet place and click on that chicken

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:00:05

when u do a search…the chicken won’t show up!

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:00:09

i don’t see a chicken

click on the image and look at the url….maybe it’ll show an id number

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:01:18

or maybe tell me the name of the chicken

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:01:22

lol it has my ID but its not on my profile

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:01:58

name is Blacky

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:02:53

what category….cuz i don’t see a chicken named blacky

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:03:40

Either farm pets or small birds.

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:04:58

nope, don’t see it

i still say its a spirit chicken

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:04:59

its the last pet when u first click pet place…below the black cat

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:05:53

:P It really doesn’t wanna be apart from me.

Do you want to go in my account and go to pet plaace and look at my account manager u will see that darn chicken

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:08:52

due to pleading from the staff, ok i will go into your account to check

plz sign off

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:10:33

hey! u got a chicken in ur account manager

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:13:58

xD What do u mean pleading! LOL u signed me off it scared me at first.

I told u that chicken was there :P

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:15:13

i still say its the spirit chicken coming back to haunt ur profile

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:16:48

:P. U still don’t know whats going on huh XD

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:17:33

but see…we are only 45 posts into actually figure out what u were trying to say.

in ur first post…u could have said…

in pet palace under my account manager, there is a picture of a chicken which was declined and a picture of my cat which was accepted.

the chicken is making requests to other pets to be their friends. this doesn’t make sense.

see…how easy that is?

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:18:43

sure i do…..but u talk alot and don’t get to the point :-p

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:19:32

three staff looked at this post, i was the only brave one to keep working with you :-p

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:20:13

lol i posted that on post 6

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:21:16

xD ur the only one up to the challenge SF.

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:22:44

uhmmm no….cuz u didn’t know if u uploaded it, and then u were going on and on about friends and someone else having ur picture and putting in on their profile.

we have to read all the posts and try to put it together…..

easier to just say it all in the first post instead of going all over the place.

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:23:18

wait my mistake post 12 i posted that i see my two uploaded pets and one that can’t be asking for friends

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:24:13

I said awhile ago that if i DID upload it it was AGGGGES ago…why would it still be under account manger if it was declined.

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:27:03

Only reaon i mentioned friends because the chicken was asking to be friends with other pets and cancelling friendships

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:27:09

stockbroker….the other staff gave up after the first few posts cuz u weren’t making sense.

*spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken* *spirit chicken*

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:29:25

I could understand what i made. xD BUT on post 12 i explained well

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:30:08

yeah ok *laughs*

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:32:09

pffffft. but do u know why its still up there in the account manager

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:33:07


StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:33:49

will u be able to take it down :)

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:34:02

or can i re upload it or something

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:36:16

we’ll have to call chickenbusters and see if they can exorcize it out of here

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:37:43

:-p i’ll try to upload it xD

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:42:20

File uploaded and awaiting staff approval


SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:44:55

chickenbusters phone line is still busy….will have to keep trying

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:46:03

xD ok. Well i gotta go.. u can delelte the post now :)

SweetFire Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:48:07

will leave it up cuz tony needs to know what to fix now

StockBroker Posted At: 2007-01-20 17:59:38

lol ok Thanks for the help

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