To obtain the Sapphire Stone, you must complete one full job cycle. This is equal to 300 jobs. This is a simple stone to acquire, but it does take time.

To do a job, you must first have a Job Agency Card or a Job Agency Gold Card. The Gold Card will cut your wait time between jobs in half – and you’ll receive a higher payout as well.

Job Agency Cards can be found FREE at Padam’s Shack in North New Barkston. Be sure to choose the cards pile! You can also get them from doing the Sharkfather Quest in Abyss, from the Fortune Cookie Machine in East New Barkston, through random events, or from the Pawn Shop in Tanos. A Bag of Job Agency Gold Cards can be bought in the Upgrade Center for 60 Power Credits. Lastly, players often sell job cards in their shops and swaps, so keep a lookout for good deals!

To do a job, either use the locatebar (upper left-hand side) and search Job Agency, or find it under East New Barkston. Then you just click on whichever type of card you have (in your backpack) and bring back the item(s) asked for within the allotted time. Many of these items can be bought in the various outlet stores of Powerpets, or, more easily, in player shops.

After you finish your 300th job, a message will appear stating that you’ve acquired the Sapphire Stone! Congrats! The stone will appear on your user profile under Achievements. If you already have the stone, you’ll receive a Powerbucks bonus instead.

Some things to remember:

– Items from Padam’s Shack are RANDOM. You will not always receive a Job Agency Card.
– Items from the Fortune Cookie (Machine) are RANDOM. Using it will not always produce a Job Agency Card.
– Regular, or blue, Job Agency Cards yield less of a reward than Job Agency Gold Cards, but both count towards your total jobs.
– If a job is too expensive, skip it! If you fail a job, it doesn’t reset your total.

To move the stone:

To move the Sapphire Stone, you must first have 1000 care points and then you must speak to the Dark Guardian in East New Barkston.

To collect care points, you first have to have toys and food in your backpack. Then you go to another player’s profile, select one of their pets, and choose which toy or food item you wish to give that pet. The toy or food item is then removed from your backpack and you are awarded with a certain number of care points. Your total amount of care points can be seen on your user profile. Simply click on your username, then select Achievements.

Once you have 1000 care points, it’s time to talk to the Dark Guardian. Visit his quest page and then select Talk to Dark Guardian. This will bring up a different page where you will have a short conversation with him. If you have the stone and the care points, select “I have it all.” This will move the Sapphire Stone from you to your PRIMARY pet.

Some things to remember:

– Items for care points must have a rarity of between 990 and 999. You can see the rarity by visiting the item’s detail page.
– You cannot give vampire or unfriendly pets treats.
– The amount of care points you receive from an item is equal to the amount of purchase points the item costs to obtain.
– Make sure your PRIMARY pet is the one you want the stone on. Only the PRIMARY pet will get the stone!

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