Ruby StoneTo obtain the Ruby Stone, you must complete all 61 levels of the Barkchem Quest. This is one of the simplest quests, but it takes about two months to complete.

To begin, either use the locatebar (upper left-hand side) to search for Barkchem, or you can find it under North New Barkston. Once there, click the big gray factory building. A message will appear stating the factory is under Padam’s control. You will be asked if you would like to risk sneaking past the guards – click Sneak In! Bring that item back to Padam within the allotted time, one hour, to finish each level. This quest works differently than others. You will NOT receive anything for completing a level unless you finish all 61 levels, then you will receive the Ruby Stone.

Some things to remember:

– You can only do this quest ONCE a day.
– If you fail at ANY level of Barkchem, you will have to start back at the beginning.
– You can win great prizes for failing specific levels. However, remember that failing means starting over!
– If the item he asks for is too expensive or you can’t find it for sale, try asking on the shop boards. But remember, you only have ONE hour.

Moving the stone:

To move the Ruby Stone, you must convince Sharkfather to move it for you. You can find his quest (Sharkfather’s Quest) in the city Abyss. Click Start Quest to begin! Once you bring him the food item he asks for, he will ask you for information about a story, not a book. The name of the story and the PF City it’s from will be listed in the question.

If successful, Sharkfather will either move the Ruby Stone to your PRIMARY pet or reward you with an item. You cannot choose the award.

Some things to remember:

– You need pearls to buy food from Shark-o-Bell. These can be obtained from the Shipwreck quest. Shark-o-Bell food can also be bought from players.
– You need to have a libary card from the town of the story you’re looking for in order to buy it.
– Sharkfather moves the stone randomly. There is never any guarantee that he will move the stone at any given time. You’ll need to continue trying doing his quest until he moves it.
– You can only do the Sharkfather quest once every 6 hours.

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