Title: Roo’s Rush Game Guide

Author: Warren_Mears

Date: June 21, 2011

History and Background

On June 28, 2005, Roo’s Rush was released.  It was housed in the Strategy building
of Norcadia. 

On May 17, 2006, ten levels were added to the game.

On June 15, 2007, Roo’s Rush was revealed to be challenge #4 for Team Wars. The
challenge was to earn a Mega Money Madness ticket from Roo’s Rush.

On December 23, 2007, Roo’s Rush was brought back after
the release of PPV2.


Roo’s Rush is a puzzle game
located in the “Strategy and Memory” category of the Games List.
The game comprises of colored squares placed in a pattern.  Each
square is either red or blue.  A red square will have a picture of
Lil’Roo facing up while a blue square will be blank.  The game
requires the player to flip the color of the squares until the
entire pattern is composed of all red squares.

There are two challenges the player faces.  One challenge is when a player flips
a square all of the surrounding squares will also flip color.  The other
challenge is a time limit the player must adhere to when solving each puzzle.

When the player is stuck the game allows the player to flip the color of a
single square.  This is called the cheat key.  To use the cheat key, the player
must press the space bar before flipping the square.  The cheat key can only be
used three times per game.


Intro screen

When the game finishes loading, the player will be displayed a screen with the
following options:

Difficulty Level

In Game Music


Starts Game

Difficulty Level: The game has 3 difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, and Hard.
The difficulty level affects three big aspects of the game:

amount of time the player has to solve each puzzle

point deduction for each second that elapses

point deduction for each click on a square (called a
“move” in the game).

For example, the following are the time limits and point deductions for the
first puzzle:

Easy: 35 seconds, three-point deduction per second, three-point deduction per

Medium: 24 seconds, two-point deduction per second, two-point deduction per move

Hard: 13 seconds, one-point deduction per second, one-point deduction per move

In Game Music: The game has background music playing while the player solves
each puzzle.  This option turns on/off the background music for the game.  Note:
This does not affect the game’s sound effects – only the game’s music.

Instructions: The game provides a description on how to play the game.

Starts Game: This option initiates the game session.



When the player starts a game, the puzzle will be at the center of the screen.
At the bottom of the screen, the following information is displayed:

Score – the player’s current score

Time – the amount of time left to solve the puzzle

Moves – the number of times the player has clicked a

Cheats – the remaining number of times the player can use
the cheat key

Level – the name of the level

When the timer begins to count down, the player can begin making moves to solve
the puzzle.

The player can do any of the following events while trying to solve the puzzle:


Use the cheat key

Make a move that solves the puzzle

Make a move that does not solve the puzzle


If the player decides to do nothing, then the timer will continue to count down
until it reaches zero.  When the timer reaches nine seconds a beeping alert will
sound signaling the player that the time is almost over.  When the timer reaches
zero, then the game is over.

Use the cheat key

If the player decides to use the cheat key, the game will display the text
“Cheater…” across the top of the screen.  Then, whichever square the player
clicks will be the only square that flips color.

Make a move that solves the puzzle

If the player makes a move that solves the puzzle, then the level is over.  The
game will display the text “Level Completed” across the puzzle.  At the top of
the screen the player is given the option to move on to the next level or save
their score to end the game.

Make a move that does not solve the puzzle

If the player makes a move that does not solve the puzzle, the timer will
continue to count down.  When the timer reaches 9 seconds a beeping alert will
sound signaling the player that the time is almost over.  If the player does not
manage to solve the puzzle before the timer reaches zero then the game is over.

Ending the game

The game can only end in two ways:

Restarting the game 

Saving the score

The option to restart the game becomes available when the player fails to solve
the puzzle in time.  The option to save the score becomes available when the
player solves the puzzle in time.  Note: If the timer reaches zero on the first
level, the player’s only option is to restart the game.


The player’s score starts off at 500 points.  A fixed amount of points is
deducted for every second that passes and for every move the player makes.  The
amount of the deduction depends on the selected difficulty level.  For every
completed puzzle, the player is awarded 500 points.

If the player’s score is high enough, the player’s name and score will be listed
on the ‘Roo’s Rush High Scores’ list when it refreshes.  The game payout is one
game token for one game point.  The cap on the maximum amount of game tokens
earned per game is 10,000 game tokens.  If the player scores 6,500 points or
more then they will receive a Mega Money Madness ticket.


The game has 44 levels.  The level names are in the following table:

1 – The Cross

2 – The Square

3 – The Grid

4 – Mystery

5 – Question time

6 – Pyramid

7 – Trellis

8 – Ballistic

9 – Sanity check

10 – Psycho…

11 – islands

12 – Metal

13 – Sweet

14 – Pillars

15 – Island

16 – Inverted

17 – Inversion

18 – V V V

19 – Invader

20 – Jellyfish

21 – Bunny

22 – Raider

23 – Smiley

24 – Zorro

25 – Eight

26 – Blocks

27 – Music

28 – XBox

29 – Camper

30 – Tbone

31 – House

32 – She

33 – He

34 – Inside

35 – Golf

36 – Temple

37 – Letter

38 – Love

39 – Smile

40 – PowerPets

41 – X

42 – Towers

43 – OH

44 – Human

Game Tips

If a puzzle starts off with all red squares, then just
click on any square 2 times to solve the puzzle.

Don’t let the name ‘cheat key’ give you the impression
that it should never be used.  There are situations in the game where using
the cheat key is the only way to solve the puzzle.

Be aware there is an element of luck in the game.  Luck is
the factor that decides if a puzzle must be solved using the cheat key.
Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t solve a particular puzzle.

If you get stuck on a level and have no more cheat keys
left, then open another tab in your browser to continue with Powerpets.  Let
the game’s timer reach zero.  The beeping sound that starts when the timer
reaches 9 seconds will alert you it is almost time to cash out.  This way
you can still get some game tokens for the time and energy you’ve spent on
the game.


Site Updates 

Grail of Illumination 

In-game instructions

Screenshots Appendix:

Source Screenshot 1: In-game instructions

Source Screenshot 2: Grail of Illumination entry for “What is Roo’s Rush?”

Source Screenshot 3: Site Update “Roo’s Rush”

Source Screenshot 4: Site Update “New Roo’s Rush Levels”

Source Screenshot 5: Site Update “Team Wars Challenge #4”

Source Screenshot 6: Site Update “Roo Roo Roo Your Boat”

Game Screenshot 1: Example of a completed puzzle

Game Screenshot 2: Example of saving score

Game Screenshot 3: Example of using the cheat key

Game Screenshot 3: Example of Game Over on first level

Game Screenshot 4: Example of Game Over on second level

Level Screenshot: 1 – The Cross

Level Screenshot: 2 – The Square

Level Screenshot: 3 – The Grid

Level Screenshot: 4 – Mystery


evel Screenshot: 5 – Question time

Level Screenshot: 6 – Pyramid

Level Screenshot: 7 – Trellis

Level Screenshot: 8 – Ballistic

Level Screenshot: 9 – Sanity check

Level Screenshot: 10 – Psycho…

Level Screenshot: 11 – islands

Level Screenshot: 12 – Metal

Level Screenshot: 13 – Sweet

Level Screenshot: 14 – Pillars

Level Screenshot: 15 – Island

Level Screenshot: 16 – Inverted

Level Screenshot: 17 – Inversion

Level Screenshot: 18 – V V V

Level Screenshot: 19 – Invader

Level Screenshot: 20 – Jellyfish

Level Screenshot: 21 – Bunny

Level Screenshot: 22 – Raider

Level Screenshot: 23 – Smiley

Level Screenshot: 24 – Zorro

Level Screenshot: 25 – Eight

Level Screenshot: 26 – Blocks

Level Screenshot: 27 – Music

Level Screenshot: 28 – XBox

Level Screenshot: 29 – Camper

Level Screenshot: 30 – Tbone

Level Screenshot: 31 – House

Level Screenshot: 32 – She

Level Screenshot: 33 – He

Level Screenshot: 34 – Inside

Level Screenshot: 35 – Golf

Level Screenshot: 36 – Temple

Level Screenshot: 37 – Letter

Level Screenshot: 38 – Love

Level Screenshot: 39 – Smile

Level Screenshot: 40 – PowerPets

Level Screenshot: 41 – X

Level Screenshot: 42 – Towers

Level Screenshot: 43 – OH

Level Screenshot: 44 – Human

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