Game Overview

Power Ride is a poker rules based game and can be found in the Cards and Slots section in games. Just like with any poker game the object is to get the strongest hand combo out of 5 cards. Top play this game you have to have tokens in your game account to wager.  Grail of Illumination:  ” How fast will you dare to go? You can bet 3-30 tokens per hand in this poker card game. The more tokens you bet the higher the payout. Speed up to bet the max (3 times) or brake to avoid betting on a card. Score 100 or more in a single hand to play the bonus round. Win the most bonus coins in a week and you will get a trophy! Maximum payout in tokens is 30000. Trophies are handed out every Sunday evening.”

Rewards: Max pay for Power Ride is 30,000. Payout is based on each hand played.  Each week the two top scorers from the pokers games (Power Ride & Flip ‘m Poker) will receive a trophy.

Tips & Tricks: This depends on if you are working for the game trophy, or for leisure. If you are playing for leisure, take your time. If when you get the cards the first 3 aren’t promising, back off by hitting the brake which will save you PB’s if it doesn’t hit. For the trophy I suggest always hitting Speed Up, this keeps your bet high enough so that it’s easier to get to the bonus round. Sure you may lose some unnecessary PB’s but you’ll get to the bonus round more than hitting the brake. In my experience always hitting Speed Up gets me to the bonus round so I end up earning more PB’s that way in the end.

Note: Tokens earned by playing Power Ride & Flip ‘m Poker combine. They both count toward the weekly trophy, as well as the conquest.

Misc Updates: 12/28/2007 Power Ride is back!  Royal Flushes where corrected.

Game Conquest:   1)Nova Bonus – Gather 5,000 points in Card Game Bonus Games 2)Nova Double Bonus – Gather 15,000 points in Card Game Bonus Games 3)Nova Super Bonus – Gather 50,000 points in Card Game Bonus Games  4)Nova Mega Bonus – Gather 250,000 points in Card Game Bonus Games

Game Play

Click either Play Pop-Up or Play Full-Screen to load the game. Once the game has loaded you’ll be taken to this screen:

You can click on Rules to learn the rules of the game, or click on Play to begin.

 Let’s click on play to begin our game.

This is the game play screen. Notice the red circles? These are the game controls.

Circle 1: This is the pay scale, click it to see your total hands played, hands won, balance and coins for the week. You can also see your All Time stats here as well.

Circle 2: This is your break.  Once you are dealt your cards you will see the first 3 of your hand, if you wish you can hit the break which lowers your bet. Keep in mind that if you DO hit the brake your possible payout will go down. In the picture below I hit break on each card, my reward went down and my game token balance went up.

Circle 3: This is the Deal button, push this to start a new hand.

Circle 4:  Speed Up button is the opposite of Break, this just keeps the game going at your current bet. In the pictures below I hit speed up on each hand with my bet set on 10, so I actually bet 30.

Circle 5: This is where you will see your last win (top number), and the total amount of game tokens you have available (bottom number)

Circle 6: This is your bet button, hit the plus button to up your bed (you can bet from 1 to 10), or hit the minus button to lower your bet. Note that if you do not hit your break you are actually betting x3 your bet each round. Ex: If your bet is set on 1 and you do not hit your break you actually bet 3 tokens. However if you do hit your break, for each time you hit it you’ll be charged 1x your bet lower. See Circle 8.

Circle 7:  These are the payouts based on your bet.  The higher you bet the higher they get.  Get the required hand to win the amount shown. Score 100 or more to play the bonus game.

Circle 8:  This is your bet in game.  Notice that what you have your bet on shows up here x3. Hit break and the green bet will turn red meaning that you will not be charged that amount and your bet has been lowered. Hit speed up and it stays green indicating you will be charged and your bet has stayed the same.

Now that you understand the controls you are ready to play!

The goal is to earn as many tokens as possible. In order to do so you need to get the required hands for pay out.

IIn the picture below I was able to get a pair of 9’s or better which awarded me with 60 tokens.  Notice the requirement you’ve met gets highlighted in red and the top number on your wheel changes to the amount you’ve won.  Now let’s try to get to the bonus game by scoring 100 or more in a hand.

We got two pair for a payout of 120, so we’ve made it to the bonus round!

The bonus round is very simple. You click on the pictures of Nova that you think will have a Kanga coin under it. You can keep going until you get Angry Nova. Click on a slot that has Angry Nova under it and the bonus round will end. Let’s see how many tokens we can earn this round.

I was able to earn 256 tokens by flipping over 4 squares that didn’t have an angry Nova under it.

To go back to game play just hit ok.

That’s it! Game play is fairly simple and easy to learn. You’ll develop your own technique over time once you find what works well for you. Have fun, and win some trophies!

Requirement Descriptions

9’s or better:  Getting two 9’s, 10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s, or A’s will fulfill the 9’s or better requirement.

Two Pair: Getting any two cards of the same rank together with another two cards of the same rank.

Three of a kind: Getting any three cards of the same rank.

Straight: Any five consecutive cards of different suits. Aces can count as either a high or a low card.

Flush:  Any five cards of the same suit (not consecutive).

Full House:  Any three cards of the same rank together with any two cards of the same rank.

Four of a kind:  Any four cards of the same rank.

Straight Flush:  Any straight with all five cards of the same suit.

Royal Flush:  A straight from a ten to an ace with all five cards of the same suit.

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