Night StoneTo obtain the Night Stone, you must find your way through South Lake. Hidden in a treasure chest will be the Night Stone. To get started, go buy some diving gear! Visit Tad at the Diving School in North New Barkston and he will gladly assist you. You will need: flippers, goggles, a wet suit and an air tank. The total price for the gear is $4200 powerbucks. These are not usable items and will automatically be added to your diver. Now on to the fun part!

Click the GO DIVE sign outside of the diving school. This will bring you to the South Lake maze! Good luck!

Some things to remember:

– NO ONE (including both PP and PPMHS staff) is allowed to help you with the South Lake maze.
– It’s SOUTH Lake for a reason! It’s not East, West, or North Lake.
– Sharks move two spaces to every one of yours.
– There are TWO kinds of sharks, gray and blue, and they move differently. Gray sharks move to the side then up or down. Blue sharks move up or down then to either side.
– Try to trap the sharks in the rocks; they may be faster, but you’re smarter!
– Don’t forget about your space bar! Sometimes NOT moving is the right choice!
– You CAN NOT move through the whirlpools, but sharks CAN!
– Draw yourself a little map of where you’ve been so you don’t get lost.
– If you don’t see another exit in the room you’re in, you’ve hit a dead end. Go Back to the previous room and try a different way.
– Every map has a solution, so keep trying!
– If you really feel that you are stuck, there is a link just below your current map that reads; “click here to reset your diving game record.” This will start you back at the beginning.
– Obtaining the Night Stone will give you access to Mini City!
– Have FUN with it! Don’t worry, there’s no hurry to get the stone. Take your time, relax, and enjoy the challenge!

South Lake

Moving the stone:

By far, the easiest stone to move is the Night Stone. The shopkeeper of Point Taken in Kimberroo has the ability to move your stone from you to your PRIMARY pet. Go find out what your own unique Magic Number is!

Your goal is to drop off 3 to 9 items AT ONCE with a total WHOLESALE value of your magic number.

For example, if the magic number is 1341, the owner could drop off the following items:

Purple Snowy Owl Stuffy with a wholesale value of 750
Berry Samoyed Stuffy with a wholesale value of 450
Vanilla Slushie with a wholesale value of 125
Caramel Brownie with a wholesale value of 16

Some things to remember:

– You must use the WHOLESALE value of the item, NOT the average value or amount of points Point Taken will give you. Wholesale values can be viewed by going to the item’s detail page.
– Once you transfer the Night Stone to your pet, you will no longer have access to Mini City. This means that you must navigate South Lake and obtain the stone again in order to visit there.
– Don’t forget to have a pet selected as your PRIMARY PET! Only your PRIMARY PET will get the stone.

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