If, for any reason, you’re having trouble obtaining or transferring a certain stone, you have the option of asking the Elder Council for help. Just remember, they will only grant you ONE stone and ONE transfer every 150 days. That means that you must wait to ask for another stone or transfer for FIVE months, so make sure that you can’t get the stone the usual way, first! You CAN NOT cancel once you’ve made a choice. To get to the Elder Council, first locate the Power Temple.

Elder Council

Also remember that this service does not come cheap. The Elder Council will ask you for two expensive items, so be ready to spend some money! The price of these items combined is usually in the millions range, but you have unlimited time to get them.

As always, if you are transferring a stone, make sure you have the pet you want to transfer the stone to selected as your PRIMARY pet! Only your primary pet will receive the stone!

(If you would like to REMOVE a stone from your pet, this is also the place to go. There is no charge for this service.)

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