Mini Match Guide

Author: Jacqui

Date: May 30, 2012


Mini Match is located in the “Strategy and memory” category under the “Games List” link, and is a match-three type game.  There is no time limit, so take your time and look around.Origin:  Padam stole many minis from the Mini Shop, causing it to declare bankruptcy, and close down. Will you be able to save the minis that Padam captured?You can win up to 10000 tokens per game, up to five times a day.
Collect over 6500 points per game and receive a MMM ticket to enter in the MMM daily draw.


Intro screen

When the game finishes loading, the player will be displayed a screen with an option to “Enter” the game.


When the player starts a game, there may be a few explosions.  These do NOT count toward your score.  On the lower-left hand corner of the screen, you will see the following information:

Win – this is the amount the player gets from each match, this amount will increase with multiple matches

Pay – once the amount has finished tallying above in the “Win” location, it drops down to this one.  It immediately starts counting down as the score increases.

Score – the player’s current score

On the right hand side of the screen you will see two buttons:  Restart and Done.  To the immediate left of the Restart button, there is a music note.  This will turn on / off the music during game play.

Above these buttons there is an image of Padam.  He will taunt you throughout the game with different sayings.


There are no instructions or a hint button for Mini Match, so I’ve thrown together a simple explanation of what the game entails.

Finding the matches in “Mini Match” takes practice, but eventually your eye will become trained to pick them up more quickly.  First look for pairs of minis of the same color that are either side by side, or one on top of the other.  Then look around the pairs to see if there’s a third one you can match.  Another technique is to look for patterns where three gems form a “V” shape. Swapping the middle one will create a match.
Game Tips

Always look ahead for your next move.  Remember: if you run out of valid moves, the game is over.  So check carefully to see whether your move will open additional match options (good), reduce your available matches (bad), or leave you without any further matches at all (d’oh!).

Also remember that matching a set of gems on the bottom of the screen will definitely affect all the gems above it, so if you can see two valid matches, consider the top one first.

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