Mad Mosquitoes was introduced on August 25, 2008 and can be found under the “Arcade” category in Games. Collect up to 10,000 Game Tokens per play and cash out up to 5 times a day (10 times for upgraded accounts). Game tokens earned will be equivalent to your game score. MMM tickets are not awarded for this game.

This older flash game with cute graphics is perfect for PP’s younger audience, however, can be played and enjoyed by just about anyone. The main goal is to trap mosquitoes in a bubble, to prevent them from carrying and spreading the West Nile virus.


Choose how you would like to play your game; either as Full Screen or as a Pop-Up.

After the screen loads, you will see:

This game is quite simple to understand and play. The only instructions there are – is in the game explanation within the green box.

After clicking “Play” on the game’s main screen, you will see that the game automatically begins. There is no pause button. Your timer starts out at 2:00 minutes and your bubble meter is completely filled. Mosquitoes will start coming in slowly – be prepared!

Once you start, use your computer mouse to make bubbles. (I’m sure we have all blown bubbles in real life. If you blow too long or not long enough, the bubble may not form). In the game, you must hold (click down on your mouse) long enough for the bubble to form, but not too long. A little less than a second or a second should work fine.

Your task is to get the bubble to form around the mosquitoes. They come left to right. There is no penalty in your score for letting one, a few, or several get away – but you may just find that you won’t make it into the next level.

Most mosquitoes will be worth the same amount as the level you are on, plus 0. So on level 1 each mosquito will be worth 10 points. Level 2 – 20 points and so on.

There are some special mosquitoes that may be worth bonus points and/or extra time. If you are able to fit two or more mosquitoes into a single bubble – you will be awarded a bonus for that as well. The game gradually gets harder.

Your game ends once the timer is down to nothing or you run out of bubbles to blow.

Please remember to click “Save Score” once your game is over!


Bubble Bottle: + to bubble level.

Clock: + more time.

Bonuses tend to fall out near the top left corner and appear quite often. Catch them the same way you would a mosquito (by creating a bubble around it).


Practice (makes perfect ;))! This game is easy to understand and pays quite well.

Your timer runs the entire game and does not start over at 2:00 minutes for each level. The same goes for the bubble meter. Keep an eye on the timer, how low your bubble meter is, and try to catch the bonuses for a longer game.

The image above shows way too many bubbles floating around, without the mosquitoes captured inside. Don’t do this!


 There is a high score list on the game’s main page. See if you can get your name on there!

Sources: Site updates, in-game observations and screenshots.

Last – but definitely not least, have fun!

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