Lisha’s Lunacy is located under the “Strategy and Memory” section of the “Games” area and is a revised version of the classic memory game you may have played as a child.

You can win a maximum payout of 10000 PBS five times a day, and receive a Mega Money Madness (MMM) ticket if you reach a score of 4000 points.


When you first click “Play” you will be directed to the introduction and the game will start when you click “Play Lisha’s Lunacy”

You can toggle the sound on and off by clicking on the blue/purple musical icon on the left hand side.

The aim of the game is to match up two identical pictures to remove them from the game area. Once you have paired up all the pictures you win and you progress to a harder level.

What makes Lisha’s Lunacy different to the conventional memory game is the incorporation of a spinning wheel making remembering the location of revealed pictures a difficult task

In Lishas Lunacy, the centre (C) four bubbles move clockwise and middle (M) 8 bubbles move anticlockwise.

You have two minutes to match up all the pairs and progress to the next level where the:

1) The speed of the wheel may increase

2) The amount of points you receive per matched pair may decrease


3) The amount of points you lose for each incorrect pair may increase.

Each turn is done in a series of two moves and your turn is complete once you reveal two pictures which are either identical or not.

Here you can see that the pictures are not identical in the top left hand corner, and as a result the pictures become hidden again in the game.

If you find a pair both pictures will disappear from the game screen, whilst if you don’t they will return into their hidden state and you start your next turn.

Here you can see both pictures are identical and they were removed from the game area.

For every turn you make that does not result in a pair you lose points, whilst every pair you make you win points. You can see your score for that level in the top right hand corner under “Score” and your cumulative total from all levels in the “Total Points” section in the bottom right hand corner.


There are different ways to approach this game as long as you are able to get rid of all the pairs before the time runs out. One strategy is to reveal all the outside circles first (the ones that don’t move) and match up any pairs there and work inwards, leaving the moving circles to last.

You can also start from the centre and work your way outwards matching pairs.

It is a good idea to keep a pen and paper handy (You could also draw the circles) and once you have revealed pictures mark where they are to help you later on.

Don’t get caught up on trying to do one pair at a time(For example, revealing Gekkie and then clicking every circle until you find the next Gekkie) as you will lose points every time you don’t match up a pair in a turn and it can take longer. Work quickly and if you don’t find it straight away move onto a different picture. Saying the name of the character out loud once you’ve revealed it can help with remembering where they are located.

Good luck and don’t let this game drive you crazy!

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