Light StoneTo obtain the Light Stone, all you have to do is buy it from the Power Temple in  Xiang Chung-Shi.

In order to buy anything from the Power Temple, you must first become Elite. The requirements for Elite can be found at the Power Temple. Once you’re Elite and have more access, you will need Power Temple Tokens, as the Light Stone cannot be purchased using any other currency.

Power Temple Tokens can be obtained 2 ways:

1) Cheaper but takes more time: Visit Gekkie’s Greed Quest in Xiang Chung-Shi. For some weapons and correct knowledge, Gekkie will award you with a Sticky Puzzle Piece! There are 12 of these. Once you have obtained all 12 pieces, take them to Rik the Riksja Driver in East New Barkston. Make sure all the puzzle pieces are in your backpack. Select the map (Sticky), click Load Map, and then Submit Puzzle.

2) More expensive but quicker: Buy the Power Temple Tokens from other users (swaps/auction house).

To buy the Light Stone, choose the Sacred Booster Room from the drop-down list at the Power Temple. Hover your mouse over the Light Stone and click Buy Now!

Some things to remember:

– You can NOT access the Power Temple without being Elite!
– Puzzle pieces given out from Gekkie’s Greed will ALWAYS be Sticky, but maybe not the one you need. Which piece of the 12 Gekkie chooses to give you is random.
– You will need FIVE Power Temple Tokens to buy the stone. Have the tokens in your backpack and once at the Power Temple, add the tokens to your Token Balance.

Moving the stone:

To move the Light Stone, you must save Chubbs in the game Venom. Venom can be found under Games -> Action and Arcade. This is a fairly difficult game for some and takes practice to get used to. Once you’ve succeeded in completing all NINE levels (and saving Chubbs), the Light Stone will be moved to your PRIMARY pet.

Some things to remember:

– Venom has NINE levels, and they get progressively harder.
– On each level, you must collect a different object. Make sure you know which on you’re after!
– Try not to use bombs too early. You may need them later.
– Collect as many extra lives as you can, but don’t risk one life for another!
– Speed bonuses will help you jump over the minis on the ground, but be ready to duck if one comes from above.
– Make sure you have a primary pet selected! Only your PRIMARY pet gets the stone!

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