Ice Wipe was introduced back in 2005 and is located under the Sports category in Games. Collect up to 10,000 Game Tokens per play and cash out up to 5 times a day (10 times for upgraded accounts).

This older PP game is ice hockey with a twist. Both you and your opponent will play using bumper cars! Sound easy?


Select how you wish to view your game – either as a Pop-Up or in Full-Screen.

After it loads, you will see:

Icewipe 1

Read the objective of the game before continuing. It would also be a good idea to read what Help has to offer as well. Once you are ready, go ahead and click Start!

Icewipe 5

You will find that the game is automatically paused. Take note that you are red. Position your fingers on your arrow keys and click Start one more time to begin!

You receive 1 point for each goal. Score as many goals as you can before your opponent hits 5! Once blue hits 5, your game will be over.

0 goals = 0 game tokens 1 goal = 250 game tokens 2 goals = 500 game tokens (and so on +250)

There is no time restriction to this game. You can pause your game at anytime if you wish to take a break. Once your game is over:

Icewipe 5


There are no bonuses in this game. Help doesn’t go into great detail on exactly how to control your bumper car with the arrow keys.

Pay attention to the direction your person in the bumper car is facing.

Up arrow key will make you go forward. Down arrow key will make you go backward.

Icewipe 1

You can hold down two keys at once. For example – hitting the up and right arrow key at the same time will have your bumper car going forward in the right direction.

The game is simple to understand yet challenging for many. Practice and you’ll get better!


Game badges are not awarded for this game.

Sources: Site updates, in-game observations and screenshots.

Last – but definitely not least, have fun!

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