Hydroponics was introduced in 2012 to assist with the journey to Extreme Elite.

In order to have any room, you will first need a fully built residential property. Each room requires 1 deed, so if you want 4 rooms in total, you will need a 4 deed-minimum house. You can build the house yourself or buy one already completed using Powerbucks.

To complete your hydroponics room you will need three items:

Light Kit
Irrigation Kit
Steel Table

These items can be purchased with kangabucks from your PF Construction Store. Prices may vary as it is up to your city’s Mayor, but an average would be 50 KB each to restock.

Once your applications are installed, there is one last step before you can start using your room. Your pet (the one that’s manager) will need to learn how to grow things first. You can visit Desi’s Farm and she will gladly offer to teach your pet. Once your pet has had lessons, you can head on to your hydroponics room.


Your Grow List shows what your pet will know how to make. As your pet learns new lessons, they will automatically appear here. Click an item to begin.

As an example, I chose the Acorn Squash.

Hydro 1

The above lists the items you will need to grow the Acorn Squash. It also lets you know the amount you will get (in this case 4), the wait/grow time, and energy use it will require. If you look to the right, it will let you know how many units of energy your city currently has. The unit cost may differ as it is up to your city.

Once you have obtained all of the nessacary items, click Plant this.

Hydro 2

Come back at the time where it says It will be ready by ” “. Note that coming back later than that time is perfectly fine. You should see the following afterwards:

Hydro 3

You can now start growing something else!

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