Emerald StoneTo obtain the Emerald Stone, you must defeat Randy in a battle. This means you must first armor and strengthen your pet(s), as well as get them some good weapons.

To buy weapons, visit Dash at the Weapons Shop located in Tanos. Use King Cobra’s Dojo (in Tanos) Weapons Guide when selecting weapons. Next to each weapon is a number. Let’s use the Bubble Blower (7) as an example. The 7 means that your pet must have at LEAST a strength of 7 to use the weapon. Only weapons in your Weaponry will be available for your pet to use during a battle. To move a weapon to your Weaponry, make sure it is first in your backpack. Select the item, pick Weaponry, and then click Process to move it.

Pet armor (Bar of Titanium, Diamond, Leather Strips, Bar of Steel) is obtained FREE from Padam’s Shack. You can find Padam’s Shack in  North New Barkston. To place the armor on your pet, have the piece of armor in your backpack and visit the Armory in East New Barkston. Hover your mouse over the pet you would like to add armor to and then select the type of armor you are wanting to add.

To strengthen your pet, you must allow it to eat or play with special strength items. A list of these strength items can be found at King Cobra’s Dojo in Tanos, under Strength Guide. Notice how next to Radioactive Slime is the number 50? This means that the Radioactive Slime item will only raise your pet’s strength up to 50. If your pet’s strength is at 55, you will not be able to use that item. Regular slime can be obtained FREE from the Northern Woods in North New Barkston, while purified slime is made at the Slime Purifier in Mini City (along with other foods and higher level toys). The Berry Box in Kimberroo also strengthens your pet, but you must get the right combination of items to make it work. Many of these items can also be bought from player shops or swaps.

Some things to remember:

– To find Randy, go to the Training Dummy in Tanos.
– Randy has 300 for each type of armor (1200 total armor) and a strength of 600!
– Use repair patches to fix up your pet!
– You may experiment as often as you’d like with different weapons. Which one causes the most damage?
– Listen to what other players suggest on the Battle forum and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
– If you find yourself frustrated, go do something else! Relax. Have fun. Your battle progress is always saved and if you return to battle Randy, you will be right where you left off! (Do not click Run Away unless you want to declares LOSS.)

Moving the stone:

To move the Emerald stone, you must correctly answer the first NINE questions in the game Final Countdown. In order to play Final Countdown, you must first have a Game Show Invitation. Game Show Invitations can be won from the Vending Machine in Xiang Chung-Shi with a Brown Bag Dispenser coin. Players often have them in swaps as well.

Some things to remember:

– Items from the vending machine are RANDOM, so the Game Show Invitations can be difficult to acquire.
– The questions from Final Countdown are all about Powerpets, so you might want to take time and make sure you know the site well before attempting. This is NOT a game for beginners and it is a difficult game even for seasoned players!
– You are timed on the questions, so be sure you answer carefully as well as timely.
– Make sure you have a PRIMARY PET selected. Only your PRIMARY PET will receive the stone!

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