Vote once in the Poll Booth at Xiang Chung-Shi. Easiest task there is. Just vote, and
you’re done!

Rate: 1/10

Transfer 25,000 PB to your savings account at the Banking Center.
This one should be easy, as making 25,000 PBs on Powerpets is NOT hard.

Rate: 2/10

Read the history of the Elders in 7 scrolls. This one is time consuming
and can be costly. To get the scrolls you need to complete the
Apprentice Quest located in Xiang OR purchase them from other
users. Then put the scrolls on your bookshelf; read
and rate them.

Rate: 5/10

Own a shop with the size 100 or more. This is probably the third
easiest task to get done for Elite. The cost is minimal.

Rate: 3/10

Add 100 armor to one of your pets. It DOESN’T have to be the same type
of armor. Just 100 total. Because it can take awhile and armor prices are in
the $10,000+ PB range, this is one of the harder tasks.

Don’t forget! Free armor at Padam’s Shack in North New Barkston.

Rate: 9/10

Job Agency Power Card

Complete 50 jobs at the Job Agency. This one is reasonably cheap to complete
but takes time.

Rate: 7/10

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