Title: Dog Catcher Game Guide

Author: Warren_Mears
Date: June 21, 2011

History and Background

On February 7, 2010, Dog Catcher was released.  It was introduced to the site as a fundraiser for the Harney County Save a Stray fundraiser.  
On March 28, 2010, Cabrillo Coyote el Conquistador created the conquest ‘Rescue Me’ which is to score 500 or more points on Dog Catcher.


Dog Catcher is a game located in
the “Action and Arcade” category of the Games List.  The player takes on
the role of the pound keeper.  As the pound keeper, the player
is given the task of catching stray dogs that have been
wandering onto farms and harassing livestock.

The main challenge the player faces is avoiding collision with various objects while catching dogs.  The objects the player must avoid are the following items: livestock, an electric fence, all the previously caught dogs, and the boundaries of the game screen.

 Intro Screen

When the game finishes loading, the player will be displayed a screen explaining the object of the game along with the following options:

More Help:
This option describes the mechanics of the game.  It states that movement is done via the arrow keys.  It details the point value for each dog and which objects to avoid.  It states that each caught dogs will appear as a bag behind the player.  In addition, it displays the player’s avatar and the bag icon used to represent a caught dog.

Enter: This option initiates the game session.

Game Play

When the player starts a game, the pound keeper will already be in motion and one dog will be on the screen.  The electric fence is at the center of the screen. The current score will be displayed at the upper-right of the screen.  There may or may not be livestock on the screen (represented by a cow icon.)  When the player catches a dog, the dog will disappear from the screen.  The caught dog (represented by a bag) will appear behind the pound keeper.  A new dog and possibly livestock will appear on the screen.  As the pound keeper’s number of catches increases the bags behind the pound keeper will also increase.

The difficulty of the game gets harder as the number of livestock and bags begin to fill up the game screen.  Eventually, the game will end when the pound keeper collides with a non-dog object on the screen.  Afterwards, the player is given the option to either play again or to save the score.


The player scores points only for catching a dog.  The points earned depend on which dog was caught.  The following are the point values for each dog:

Beagle = 5 points
Husky = 7 points
Shepherd = 10 points
Labrador = 12 points
Shih Tzu = 15 points

If the player’s score is high enough, the player’s name and score will be listed on the ‘High Scores’ list when it refreshes.  The game payout is ten game
tokens for one game point.  The cap on the maximum amount of game tokens earned per game is 5,000 game tokens.  If the player scores 1,000 points or more then they will receive a Mega Money Madness ticket.

Stuffed Animal Toys

Powerpets released stuffed animal toy versions of the dogs in the Dog Catcher game.
The following is a gallery of these toys:


Stray Beagle Stuffy

Stray Husky Stuffy

Stray Shepherd Stuffy


Stray Labrador Stuffy

Stray Shih Tzu Stuffy

Game Tips

Try to get accustomed to moving the pound keeper around the various objects on the screen.  Do some practice games to see how close you can get next to an object without actually colliding with it.

Be aware there is an element of luck in the game.  Luck is the factor that decides if a dog will appear in a location nearly surrounded with objects the player is suppose to
avoid.  Don’t beat yourself up if this happens.

Screenshots Appendix:

Screenshot 1: In-game help screen         

Screenshot 2: Site Update “Power Rescue”

Screenshot 3: Site Update “The Conquest Continues”

Screenshot 4: Conquests, All Conquests, “Rescue Me”


Screenshot 1: Example of saving score

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