Game Overview

Dicey Mice is a dice game like the classic game Yahtzee. The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible by adding dice to the required slots. The game was released on 7/22/2009, and can be located in the Cards and Dice section of games.


Max payout for Dicey Mice is 5,000, and you’ll receive an MMM Ticket if you score 300 or more. You receive game tokens based on your score, so if you score 265 you’ll receive 265 game tokens. Badges are awarded for this game if you score one of the three highest scores in a week.

Game controls:

To roll the dice click on Mildred (the mouse). To save a dice, click it. To place your dice click on the section in the score section where you’d feel it would benefit you more.

Tips & Tricks:

Go for the requirements on the bottom before you start on the top. These are harder to get and gives more room for error. If you attempt and fail you’ll have a place to use the dice instead of  using it in the section you went for resulting in a score of 0.

Misc Updates:

7/23/2009 scoring in challenge mode was corrected.

It was announced on 7/25/2009 that Dicey Mice was the most popular game released on Powerpets. A few days later on 7/29/2009 Staff added an option to “link” Dicey Mice so you can add it to your personal website, blog or send it to a friend.

7/28/2010 Cabrillo Coyote added a Dicey Mice conquest!

On 7/3/2011 Dicey received a small upgrade to prevent possible cheating and to avoid double clicks on Mildred.

8/13/2011 Staff began doing “Dicey Challenges”, this eventually grew into the challenges we know today. The very first stuffy given for this challenge was a Turkey Cottontail Stuffy on 10/10/2011

1/4/2012 Game badges are introduced. Top three players earn a Diamond, Titanium or Leather badge according to their score. Badges get handed out once a week with the Card Game Trophies.  SweetFire won the first diamond, unitedgiggles was the first to win the titanium, and the first leather badge went to Gaelic.

On 6/1/2012 during PP’s 10 year anniversary month Dicey Challenges where held on June 4th, 15th and 27th. Instead of a new stuffy, contestants received a past stuffy of their choice as a prize.

Game Conquest:  1) Collect 50,000 Points in Dicey Mice  2)Score 400 or more points in Dicey Mice 100 times.

Game Play

Click Play then click Play to start the game. Instructions can be found by clicking on Instructions

You’ll begin with 5 dice face down on your board. Click Mildred to roll the dice. Each round you’ll be allowed to roll your dice only 3 times. You are not required to roll them 3 times, but that is the most you can do.

In order to complete the game you’ll have to fill each slot with a dice combo.

Score: This is your current score

Rolls Left: These are the rolls you have left until next turn.

Sound Button: Turns sound off/on

Comment Bar: If you hover over any slot you will see the text change in this bar. It will give you more scoring information about the slot you are hovering over.

Top row: 1′s, 2′s, 3′s, 4′s, 5′s, and 6′s

In these you need to get as many as you can of a number in 3 rolls.

I’ll demonstrate how to do the top row in the pictures bellow.

Roll one: I got 5(x2), 4(x2), and a 2. I am going for 4’s since I got 2 on the first roll. I’ll click on all 4’s and roll again.

Roll two: I got two 3’s and a 2. I am going for 4’s so neither of these will help me reach my goal, so I’ll just click on Mildred again to take my 3rd and final roll.

Roll Three: I got another 4, a 1 and a 6. I only got one more 4, but it was my last roll so these are my final dice.

I can put these dice anywhere on the score card I wish that hasn’t been used yet. You can tell if a slot has been used by the color. Darker slots have been used, while lighter still needs to be filled.

 I can put them in the 4’s slot on the top row for a total of 12 points (4+4+4=12). I could also put them in the 3 of a kind slot on the bottom row for a total of 12 points (total dice added together 4+4+4+6+1=19 points). Another option is putting them in the chance slot for a total dice score.

For these dice the best place to put them is in the 4’s slot. Why? You will be able to get a higher score for the 3 of a kind slot by using higher numbered dice (5’s&6’s), and the chance slot should be saved for when you get a bad roll.

So to submit these dice I am going to click on the 4’s slot.

By clicking the slot my score is updated and my dice are added back to my board. I am now ready for my next turn.

Bottom Row: Two Pair, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 5 of a kind, full house, flush house, flush, straight, chance.

I will demonstrate how to do the bottom row in the pictures below.

Roll 1 resulted in a 5,6,1 and 4(x2) dice. I am going to attempt to get a straight, so I clicked the 5,6, and 4 to save them and roll the 1 and extra 4 again.

Roll 2 resulted in a 5 and a 6. At this point it’s not likely that I will be able to get a straight with only 1 roll remaining so instead I switched to going for a full house. I remove the 4 by clicking on it, and added the 5 and 6 I just rolled to my other 5 and 6 I saved from roll 1. I then rolled the 4.

Roll 3 resulted in a 5, which gave me my full house.

To save my dice I clicked on the Full House slot. A Full House will award me 15 points, plus the total of all my dice.

Everyone has their way of playing Dicey Mice. There is no wrong or right way to play. Some play their dice very strategic, some just go off luck. It’s up to you which way you prefer to play, and you’ll get the hang of it really quickly as it’s a very easy game to play.

Slot Requirement Examples

1’s,2’s,3’s,4’s,5’s, and 6’s are self-explanatory.  Just get as many of each as you can for each slot.

Two Pair:  Two dice of the same value plus two more dice of the same value.

2 3’s & 2 5’s make up Two Pair

3 of a Kind: Three dice of the same value.

3 4’s make up 3 of a Kind

4 of a Kind: Four dice of the same value.

4 3’s make up 4 of a Kind

5 of a Kind:  Five dice of the same value.

5 3‘s make up 5 of a Kind.

Full House: 3 dice of the same value paired with 2 dice of the same value.

3 5‘s and 2 1‘s make up a Full House

Flush House: 3 dice of the same value paired with 2 dice of the same value that are all the same color.

Possible Dicey Mice flush houses are to combine 2’s & 5’s, 1’s & 6’s, or 3’s &  4’s



Flush:  When all dice are the same color regardless of combination.

Straight: 5 dice in sequential rank. (1,2,3,4,5 / 2,3,4,5,6)


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