Choosing the right city can be very important because the city you choose is your home on Power Pets. How do you know which city is the right one for you?


First, look at the benefits each one offers. Benefits vary from city, not just in which ones they offer, but in what amount of a discount each one gives. City benefits include veterinarian, armory, and swap barn discounts, access to the power theater, writer’s corner, PF contests, PF super store, and power federation power boards, and your city power board, city notice board and power station. You can see the amounts of discounts each city gives on these benefits in their main city screen. Which benefits will you use the most?


The taxes are also very important because depending on how high they are and how much property you own, your expenses on taxes each week can really add up! Taxes are likely to be higher in smaller cities where there are less citizens using the benefits, or more benefit discounts given by the city, which the city pays to renew each month. How much can you afford?


Don’t forget to look at what events and fun things each city is doing! Different cities may have different types of events and some cities have a special theme for their city. What types of events and themes are you looking for?

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