Chameleon Catcher is located under the “Arcade and Action” section of the “Games” area and requires you to catch all the chameleons using a net as quickly as you can.

You can win a maximum payout of 5000 five times a day, and receive a Mega Money Madness (MMM) ticket if you reach a score of 2500 and above.


When you first click “Play” you will be directed to the main menu and be required to select your difficulty (out of easy, medium and hard). You can also review the game instructions if required in case you have any more questions about gameplay.

You can toggle the sound off and on by clicking the blue/purple music icon in the bottom left hand corner.

What you need to do in the game is use your mouse to drag the target over the chameleon you want to catch.

Once you have the chameleon within the target area click your mouse to shoot the net and watch as it captures the chameleon.

What you need to remember is the controls are inverted, meaning if you move your mouse “up” the target will go “down” and if you move your mouse to the “right” the target will move “left” and vice versa. This can take some getting used to.

Your score goes up every time you successfully capture a chameleon, but goes down if you don’t succeed in capturing him. This is important to remember as you can start out really well but if you miss any chameleons you have no chance of getting a perfect score.

Your score is shown in the bottom right hand corner under “Score” and above your score it shows how many chameleons you have left to capture before the game will end.


In order to maximise reaction time make sure you keep your target in the center of the screen when you are waiting for the next chameleon. This will ensure you can get to any chameleon quickly enough to capture it before it disappears.

You don’t need aim the target perfectly on the chameleon, it can be off to the side or up and down by a bit and the net will still capture the chameleon, as long as it is close enough.

If you miss one chameleon you cannot get a perfect score, so make sure you keep focused as depending on the difficulty you select, it can be a few seconds wait between chameleons.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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