Bubble Bounce can be found under the “Arcade and Action” category in Games. Collect up to 5000 Game Tokens per play and cash out up to 5 times a day (10 times for upgraded accounts).

Game tokens earned will be your game score divided by two.

This typical arcade style game tests your ability to able to keep the game character – a Merpet – on the screen as long as possible, by using your cursor.


 “Click PLAY to play this game.”

After the screen loads, you will see:

Click “Instructions” and read carefully. Make sure you understand before continuing.

After clicking “Play” on the game’s main screen, you will see that the game is automatically paused. Notice that your health bar is located bottom left; your score bottom right. There is no pause option after you start playing. Once you are ready to begin, click “Let’s Play”!

Once you start, use your computer mouse to control the direction of the Merpet. How high or low it is in the game depends on the bubbles it bounces on.

The more bubble, the higher your score!

Be careful not to touch the sharks that may happen to swim by. If you do touch it, quickly move along to another bubble. As long as it is touching the Merpet, its health will decrease and keep decreasing. Bounce on health bubbles to increase its health.

Bounce on the eels, as you would the bubbles, to move onto the next level.

Your game is over if the Merpet falls off the screen or losses all health.

Please remember to click “Save Score” once your game is over!


Different colored bubbles are worth different points.

Blue/regular Bubble: +10
Orange-Pink Bubble: +20
Green Bubble: +30
Dark Red Bubble: +40

Whenever you bounce on the eel to move up to the next level, bonus points are awarded. (These do not appear in the score, but will once the game ends.)

Below are not the bonus eel points for all of the levels, but the first few:

Level 2: +200
Level 3: +600
Level 4: +1200
Level 5: +2000
Level 6: +3000
Level 7: +4200
Level 8: +5600
Level 9: +7200

As you can see, the bonuses increase with each passing level. If you lose at level 4 – it will be points from the bubbles plus the 1200 bonus.


Because there is no penalty for bouncing too high, I suggest it especially in the harder levels. If you happen to miss a bubble – there may be one waiting under you. If there are sharks under you, continue bouncing high. If the shark is above, suddenly drop low to avoid it.

Keep your eyes on the screen and practice. Sometimes it’s just luck!


Sources: In-game observations and screenshots.

Last – but definitely not least, have fun!

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