Game Overview

Brilliant Buddha is a solitaire card game. The object of the game is to get rid of all cards except Aces. You can find Brilliant Buddha in the Cards and Dice section of the games menu.

Rewards: The max payout for Brilliant Buddha is 5,000.

Game Play

To begin click on either Play Pop-Up or Play Full-Screen.

Once you make a selection you’ll find yourself on this page. Here you’ll be given a rundown of how the game works. Once you’ve read and understood click the play button to start the game.

This is how you begin. You are dealt 4 cards in your playing space. This is where all your cards will go when you hit deal.

On the bottom of the screen you’ll see Score, Discarded, Remaining, Game Time, Deal button, and a Restart button.

Score is just that. This is where you score is displayed.
Discarded is the amount of cards you’ve gotten rid of.
Remaining is the amount of cards left for you to go through.
Game Time is the amount of time you’ve been playing.
The Deal button will give you 4 cards in your playing space.
The restart button will restart the game.

Let’s start by looking at the cards we’ve been dealt. We have a 10H, 2H, 10S, and a 9S. We can get rid of the 2H, and the 9S. Why? Because we have a higher card of those suits showing in our playing space.

We can get rid of the 2H, because the 10H is there. We can get rid of the 9S because the 10S is there. Let’s go ahead and click on the cards we can get rid of. Notice this leaves us with 2 empty spaces

We can move these 10’s around now if that would benefit us. However it doesn’t, but eventually we’ll need to move cards around and we’ll do that by clicking on the card we want to move to the empty space.

Now, let’s hit deal and get our next 4 cards.

We got a 10C, QH, QD, and AC. Aces are the highest card possible so we know we can get rid of the 10C. So let’s get rid of him.

By getting rid of the 10C we uncovered our 10H that we can now get rid of because we have a higher card of that suit which is the QH. Let’s click on the 10H to clear it.

We now have an empty space we can move a card to. Notice we have 2 cards stacked together here, let’s un-stack those and see if we can get rid of the bottom card. Click on the QH to move her to the blank space

Moving the QH, un-covered our 10S. We don’t have any higher spades than the 10 in our playing space right now so we have no other moves, so we’d hit deal to get 4 more cards.

You continue like this until you get rid of all the cards except Aces or you run out of moves.  At the end of the game you’ll have 4 Aces, one in each of your playing spots.

You have to be quick with this game. You score goes down between clicks, so if you sit there you score will eventually run down to 0. So be a fast clicker!

Sometimes you just can’t get rid of all the cards! Here I am out of moves so I’ll click on restart to begin another game.

Brilliant Buddha isn’t easy to beat, but if you like solitaire games you are going to love it. It’s very challenging, but simple to play.  Give it a go!

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