Title: Box o’ Chocolates Game Guide
Author: Warren_Mears
Date: June 21, 2011

History and Background

On February 19, 2011, Box o’ Chocolates was released.

On February 20, 2011, Cabrillo Coyote el Conquistador created the conquest ‘Chocolate Addiction’ which is to score 500 or more points on Box of Chocolates.


Box of Chocolates is a game located in the “Action and Arcade” category of the Games List.  The player controls a wrapper in the shape of a small brown paper cup in the game.  With the paper cup, the player is given the task of catching every falling chocolate.

There are two challenges the player faces.  One challenge is avoiding collisions with falling fruit.  The other challenge is not to miss catching a falling chocolate.  The player will lose a life each time the cup collides with a fruit or if a chocolate falls to the bottom of the screen.  The player has a total of five lives for each game.

As a bonus, if the player saves a score of 500 points or more during the month of February the player will win a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates.

Intro screen

When the game finishes loading, the player will be displayed a screen with the following options:



Play: This option will display a ‘Contacting Server’ screen that will present the option of starting the game.

Instructions: This option describes the mechanics of the game.  It states that movement of the wrapper is done via the mouse.  It states not to catch any of the fruit and not to miss any of the chocolates.  It also states a message about how to win a special box of chocolates.


When the player starts a game, the mouse cursor will turn into a wooden spoon.  The paper cup will be near the bottom of the screen.  Fruits and chocolates will begin to fall from the top of the screen.  At the upper-right corner of the screen, the following information displayed:

Score – the player’s current score

Lives – the amount of times left the player can collide with a fruit or miss a falling chocolate without the game ending

Several factors play a role in the game’s difficulty.  The fruits and chocolates fall at different rates, which requires estimating when the fruit of chocolate might collide with the paper cup.  In addition, the placement of the fruits and chocolates may require a lot of trick maneuvering such as swinging from one end of the screen to the other or positioning the paper cut in a location so it only touch the falling chocolate while avoiding nearby fruit(s).  The game will end when the player has lost all five lives.  The game automatically saves the score.


The player earns five points for every chocolate caught.  One point is deducted for every collision with a fruit.  Four points are deducted for every chocolate that falls to the bottom of the screen.

If the player’s score is high enough, the player’s name and score will be listed on the ‘High Scores’ list when it refreshes.  The game payout is one game token for one game point.  The cap on the maximum amount of game tokens earned per game is 5,000 game tokens.

During the month of February, if a player saves a score of 500 or more points, a Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates is placed in the player’s backpack.

The in-game instructions state catching 100 chocolates without losing any lives will net the player 500 points, the score cannot be saved at that point.  The only way to save the score is to lose all five lives, which will incur point deductions.  This will lower the 500 point score, which is ineligible for the Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates.

If a player wants to win a box of chocolates then at least 104 chocolates should be caught.

104 chocolates x 5 points for every caught chocolate = 520 points

520 points – (5 lives x 4 point deduction for missing a chocolate) = 500 points for box

Game Tips

Practice same games controlling the cup.  See how close you can get to a fruit without actually hitting it.

Be aware there is an element of luck in the game.  Luck is the factor that decides the placement of the fallling fruits and chocolates.  There are situations where it requires colliding with a fruit to get a falling chocolate.


Site Updates

In-game instructions

Item detail description for Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

Screenshots Appendix:

Source Screenshot 1: In-game instructions

Source Screenshot 2: Site Update “Box o’ Chocolates”

Source Screenshot 3: Item detail for Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

Source Screenshot 4: Site Update “Conquer This!”

Source Screenshot 5: Conquests, All Conquests, “Chocolate Addiction”

Game Screenshot 1: ‘Contacting Server’ screen displaying the option ‘Let’s Play’ to start the game.

Game Screenshot 2: Example of game end screen.  It displays the ‘New Game’ option.

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