Game Overview

Badger Blast was introduced on 3/19/2007 and can be located in the Action and Arcade category of the games list. In Badger Blast you play as Miles and your goal is to defeat Padam and his mutated mini army.


Defeat Padam and you will receive 1 game token for every 3 points you earn in game. Lose the game and you will only receive 1 game token for every 6 points scored. Max payout for Badger Blast is 10,000, and you’ll receive an MMM Ticket if you score 8,000 or more.

Game Controls:

Move your mouse to the left or right to move miles. You fire by right clicking the mouse.

Tips & Tricks: 

To obtain a higher score try to avoid hitting Padam so soon in the game.  The more minis you kill the higher your score gets.  So if you avoid ending the game by taking Padam out the minis will keep attacking and you’ll obtain a higher score in the end.

Pick a side.  Picking either left of right of the screen will allow you to take minis out easier. You’ll be able to time them easier and take them out from one side which makes them come fully across the screen for easier take out.  Picking a side will also make it easier to avoid fire slime, and fireballs that are fired at you from Padam and his mutant minis.

Misc Updates:

On 12/15/2008 the game received an update to stop Padam from speeding across your screen, as well as adding to the mini’s dropping speed so now the longer you play the hard the game becomes.

1/12/2009 New sound effects added to the game.

Game Play

Click Play then click Start Game

Your game will now start. You’ll begin with 3 rows of minis coming at you. These minis will continue to work their way down toward you until they reach you, or you shoot them.  Padam will send more minis after you, and they keep getting faster and faster. You must kill the minis before they cross the red line. If you allow the minis to cross the red line your game will automatically end.

Notice the Truck Power, Score, Upgrades and Miles Shield on the top bar.

Truck Power is Padam’s lives. Each time you hit him one will disappear. Score is self-explanatory, that’s your score. (win the game get 1 game token for every 3 points scored, lose and you’ll only receive 1 game token for every 6 points scored). Upgrades are upgrades you can earn during the game for Miles which makes the game easier. The first upgrade is a faster shot, second is a double shooter, and third is a faster moving speed for Miles. You earn these upgrades by taking out full rows of minis. Miles Shield is your lives, each time you get hit you’ll lose part of your shield. Lose it all (3 hits) and game play will end.

Start firing! You need to take the first 2 rows of minis out quick or they’ll be at your red line before you know it.  Pick a side (left or right) and shoot from there. You can shoot from anywhere, however I do suggest that you pick a side, if not you’ll be left with a space between your minis which makes it harder to kill them.  Minis will only go across the screen until one mini hits the side of the screen which makes it more difficult to time your shots. If you take them out as they hit the side you’ll have a much easier time at dodging the fire and killing them.

Just continue to shoot the minis until you can get to padam.  Note that you can only have one shot going at a time (2 if you’ve gotten the second upgrade) so be sure to time your shots accordingly.

Once you take down enough minis to hit Padam his truck will begin to smoke. Hit him 3 times to win the game. Note that Padam comes out the same side he went in. So if he goes into the right side of the screen he will come back out of the right side.

With practice you can beat this game rather quickly; however your score will not be too impressive.  To build up your score just keep hitting minis instead of going for Padam, you’ll soon have an empty screen where you are actually waiting on minis to come at you instead of it being chaotic down flow.  Be advised this game does get harder as you progress.  Padam and his mutant minis start going very fast after a while.  Good Luck!

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