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Shells! Shells! Shells!

Need help finding Shells? We’ve got you covered! Check out our new Shell Page to help you find shells faster! You can check it out by hoovering over Guides -> Shells

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Items Added

We have added all the items that have been released in the past 13 days. If you have a missing stockers account we have added the item IDs to the right hand side. All you need to do is copy and paste those item IDs into the text box field to import them to

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Thank you!

Awhile ago we held a contest of where users submitted their comments about the site. We said we were only going to select 5 random comments, but we were so moved by all of them that everyone got a gift ranging from 500k-5million (depending on your member status) so thank you to everyone who

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Time Zones

We have re-added our time zones list! See what time it is across the world! Hoover over Reviews/Team and click Time Zones!

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NBIC Bonds Calculator

If you can see this, your browser doesn’t
understand IFRAME. However, we’ll still
you to the file.

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Top 10!

We have re-activated our top 10 most viewed pages/post! You can view those here! You can also view the page by clicking Top 10 on the top navigation bar!

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New Layout!!!

ppmegahelpsite has gone through a layout change. Due to issues we had to start from the ground up. We have a new responsive design that’s more clean than the previous one. We have removed the v7 from the URL.

If you purchased GoCash from us in the past, you’ll have to make a new account

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Grandpa Gekkie used to hand out Elder Scrolls to players who were knowledgeable enough to earn them. Unfortunately, Grandpa Gekkie passed in June 2007 and Gekkie was chosen to become the next apprentice. You can visit him in Xiang Chung-Shi to attempt the Apprentice Quest. The quest is known to be easy to complete

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Akina is a Geisha who lives in the city of Xiang Chung-Shi. She has been hosting tea ceremonies in her hut since September 2003. You must have a Tea Ceremony Invitation in your backpack in order to begin the tea ceremony.

Akina will take your Tea Ceremony Invitation if you enter her hut. She will

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Used over 500 times in less than a month, we provide a tool that helps you find the cheese faster from Cheezilla. We have laid out over 150 links for you to click all on one page! Select your server! Staff – Members – Non-Members
Cheezilla is a huge blob of animated cheese located in Chimu. If you bring

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