Battle 2Here at ppmegahelpsite, we know that battling doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, for some players, it might not make any sense! Our goal is to help you understand how the battling process works. Unfortunately, we cannot do all the ‘battle research’ for you, but we can walk you through the steps – by showing you how to pick your own weapons, letting you know what use an armored mini is, what PESTs you can battle and where to find them, etc.

NOTE: If you are still lost after reading our guide, or have a question, we suggest you post on either the Battle or Player Assistance forum (on Powerpets). Also, while we do go into detail in our guide, we don’t go into extreme detail on the more basic tasks. For instance, if you don’t know how to set a primary pet or hatch a mini, please ask OR use the Grail of Illumination.

– You will be battling with a pet. Make sure you have a primary pet selected, and keep in mind that it is always your primary pet that goes into battle. You won’t be able to change your primary pet while in battle.

– Building up your pet’s strength and armor are both very important. If you run out of armor during a battle, you lose. Strength determines what kind of weapons your pet will be able to use – the higher the strength, the more options! Build your pet’s armor by adding Diamonds, Bars of Steel/ Titanium, and Leather Strips at the Armory. Strength can be built feeding or letting your pet play with special strength items, or through using the Berry Box.

– Get a mini and equip it with basic armor, and then empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans! The more armor your mini has, the better. In addition, make sure the mini forms a bond with your primary pet. We’ll get back to how a mini can help your pet.

– Your weaponry only holds 10 weapons at a time. Only those weapons will be available to you during a battle.

– Replacing weapons can be pricey! Use the Outlet Manager as a guide when selecting weapons. One-time use weapons can only be used once, multiple-use weapons have an increased chance of permanently breaking based on the number of times they are used in battle, and unlimited-use weapons do not break. But, don’t go buying weapons yet! See King Cobra’s Dojo.

“Retired weapons will never break..” That is a FALSE statement. It IS possible for some retired weapons to break – we know the Love Potion and Bunny Grenade do! Power Temple weapons however will never break, including the retireds that used to stock there.

– We recommend going to King Cobra’s Dojo and briefly reading the Weapon Guide. The guide will go over the basics of battling, and important topics we will cover further in this guide.

– Any time you need to see your pet’s battle statistics, you can go to KING Cobra’s Dojo -> Train Pet -> Train… OR go to PETS (select pet) -> Statistics. A third option is Tanos -> Battle Stage.

Battle 1

Strength: Not all pets will be able to wield the same weapons. We’ll use the Sweet Fire Blade as an example. A pet needs a minimum strength of 3412 before being able to wield this weapon.

Action/ Core Element: The core element lets you know what the weapon would best be used for. If you are battling an opponent with a lot of leather armor, choose more weapons that attack leather specifically. The weapon action tells you what the weapon does. There are 3 options: attack, defend, and re-generate.

Max Power: This is the maximum amount the weapon will attack or defend. In addition, your pet’s power will be combined in the offense/ defense. Notice that it says maximum amount! That suggests that your weapon could hit/ defend for a lesser amount than what is listed (Sweet Fire Blade 76).

Base Accuracy: This determines how precise the weapon is at attacking or defending. This will be combined with your pet’s accuracy as well. Let’s say your pet has an accuracy of 35. You would add 35 (pet accuracy) + weapon accuracy (Sweet Fire Blade 38) = 73. This means that there is a 73% chance your weapon will attack/ defend successfully, and 27% chance of missing.

Warm-up/ Repeat/ Cool-down Moves: WARM-UP is the number of turns required before the weapon fires up. If it shows 2, it means 2 turns. In other words, the first 2 turns, your weapon will not hit or defend. It’s basically useless during warm-up. REPEAT is the number of times a weapon will repeat its attack or defense. If it shows 2, it means 2 TOTAL turns (not 1 + 2 repeats = 3). COOL-DOWNis the number of moves needed by the weapon to cool down before it can be used again.

Battle 1

The strength guide gives you a list of items you can use on your pet to increase its strength. We’ll use the GoCash Gamers Stuffy as an example. As you can see, the maximum strength is 75,000. This means that once your pet reaches that max amount, you can no longer use the strength-item on your pet.

Battle 2

You can train your pet by selecting TRAIN PET. We highly suggest focusing on Accuracy and Power – and skipping the Base Moves.

EXP Points shows you how many you currently have available to spend. These are earned through winning battles. In the example, I have none (0 EXP). Increase cost is how much it costs to upgrade. This cost will increase with each upgrade. Increase unit is how much your pet will increase its accuracy/ power/ base moves with each upgrade; its increase unit will always stays the same.

Battle 4

PEST stands for Pro Elite Special Trainer, in other words, these are your opponents. Depending on what server you are on (non-member, member, staff), when you go to the Battle Stage in Tanos, your URL should be similar to:

Notice that you are in area 0. Area 0 (zero) will always list opponents you have already unlocked. To unlock an opponent, simply battle with the character for the very first time. Once a PEST is unlocked, you never have to unlock it again! Luckily for you, unlocking opponents won’t cost you anything – and it isn’t hard! Using the same URL, all you have to do is change the area #.

Area 1 (/tanos/battlestage/welcome.asp?area=1) will bring you to Tanos, where you can unlock the Training Dummy, Lisha, and Randy.

Area 2 (/tanos/battlestage/welcome.asp?area=2) is the same as Pirate Island -> Battle Pirates, where you can unlock Swabby, Tribal Guard, Tribal Farmer, Tribal Scout, Crustacean, Cook, Deckhand, Ish, Tribal Chef, Royal Guard, Chromo, Hippo Guard, and Tobias.

Area 3 (/tanos/battlestage/welcome.asp?area=3) will bring you to the two other remaining pirates: Gunner and First Mate.

Area 4 is currently not in use. You won’t find any PESTs there!

Area 5 (/tanos/battlestage/welcome.asp?area=5) is the same as Xiang Chu-Shi -> Power Temple, where you can unlock Gekkie.

Area 6 (/tanos/battlestage/welcome.asp?area=6) is the same as going to East New Barkston -> Dark Guardian Quest, where you can unlock Dark Guardian.

**PEST statistics by Yulwyn. Thank you!


EXP stands for Experience Points. These points are earned by beating an opponent, and used to upgrade your pet’s accuracy, power, or base moves. The table tells you how many EXP you will earn for each PEST (beating the Training Dummy won’t give you any points, as the Training Dummy is used to test weapons & strategies).

Leather/ Steel/ Titanium/ & Diamond – use this table to determine and guide what weapons you should use in battle. If battling an opponent such as Custacean, who has a lot of Leather but not as much of the other armor types, choose weapons that targets a core element of Leather.

Strength – use this table to your advantage when picking opponents, and pick someone who is a fair match. If your pet only has a strength of 200 and yet you want to battle the Hippo Guard (4000 strength), it’s unlikely you will succeed.

Knowing how to strategize can make the difference between victory and defeat!

– What can a mini do?

A mini, once bonded with your primary pet can “attack” AND defend. If a weapon is active (meaning not on warm-up or cool-down), it will for one turn give that weapon (or weapons) 100% accuracy, as well as block some or all of your opponent’s attack. If a weapon is NOT active, your mini will still defend and act as a shield; it just won’t attack as well. You can use a mini until all of its armor has been depleted due to absorbing enemy attacks, so keep in mind that your mini can only block as much armor as they have. This means if your opponent hits you for 400, but your mini has only 80 armor, it’s only going to block 80 damage (cannot be invoked for the rest of the fight) and your pet will take the 320.

To best use your mini, stack your weapons depending on their repeats. For example, first use a weapon with 3 repeats, then 2 repeats, and finally 1 repeat – then mini. Boom! All 3 weapons strike at once with 100% accuracy during that turn, and even better – minis also double the damage.

– Accuracy, Power, or Base Moves?

Base Moves are worthless so do not invest time or EXP Points in them as you would do significantly better just using the weapons available to you/ your pet. If you have an armored mini, you can focus less on accuracy and more on power, since a mini will make one turn 100% accurate and doubles the damage. However, in general, focusing on accuracy is a good idea – as it doesn’t matter how powerful your pet is if it can’t aim accurately! Also, when picking weapons, go for more accuracy over power. You need to be able to efficiently hit your opponent.

– Choosing weapons?

Think King Cobra’s Dojo guide. As a general rule, choose the weapons with the highest strength requirement that your pet can use (and that you can afford). Those weapons usually have the highest power and accuracy.

In addition, a weapon will hit for 100% of its damage to the armor that corresponds to its Core Element but only 20% to other types. Therefore, if your opponent has a lot of one type of armor (for example, Leather), you should use a weapon that specifically attacks the core element leather. So, don’t bother buying an extremely powerful core-element Titanium weapon if your main goal was to attack your opponent’s Diamond armor.

– Weapon order?

Our suggestion is to always use your strongest weapons first and progressively choose from the weaker weapons (in order). This way, you do more damage in the same number of moves since after your first round of weapons, the first weapon available will be the one that deals the most damage. In addition, pay attention to weapon warm-up. If you pick all weapons that require 3 warm-up turns, your first 3 turns are essentially useless, because your weapons are still warming up. Therefore, you want to pick weapons and use them in an order that one weapon will always be active, and if possible, you would use them in a order that would have 2 or more weapons active per turn.

– Repair patches?

We suggest not using these, however, if your pet is low on armor, then repair patches are a great (but risky) option. Repair patches are regenerate weapons, used to restore armor during a battle. Keep in mind though that the base accuracy for all repair patches is only 5%. The max accuracy your pet can upgrade to is 50, so 50 (pet accuracy) + 5 (weapon base accuracy) = 55%. That means there is still a 45% chance that your weapon will miss, and that’s if your pet is maxed out on accuracy.

**Thank you RedMist for these great screenshots!

Let’s get started! Locate Battle Stage (under Tanos) to begin – and then select your opponent. For our example, we’re using Swabby, the first opponent you should try to beat.

002Battle 5 Battle 10

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5

Battle 6

Battle 7

Battle 8

Battle 9

Battle 10

Battle 11

Battle 12

Battle 13

Battle 14

NOTE: Keep in mind that we were simply walking you through a battle. You do not need all the same weapons we used, nor does your pet need to be as strong. In fact, any basic pet should be able to easily defeat Swabby.

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