Russell the Zookeeper can be found in the city of Xiang Chung-Shi. He is extremely busy keeping up with feeding and caring for all of the animals, but he loves what he does and he is very happy working for the zoo. He is often seen carrying an alligator but we are not sure whether the alligator is friendly or not.

Russell has been known to enjoy sharing his knowledge with those that are interested. If you choose to approach Russell the Zookeeper, he will first ask you for a few items in order to determine whether you are a serious player or not.


Once you return with the items Russell requested, he will be very happy.


He will give you one of his beloved PetPedias or HealthPedias, which are used to gain knowledge on the given animal and are used to find answers to other quests, as well as a bonus of 4 purchase credits. You can attempt the Zookeeper Quest once every 12 hours.


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