Tumid the Puffin is the mascot of Noorvik. He is the oldest puffin living in
the city and has had many experiences in life that has made him one of the
wisest and most intelligent. He is also the host of Tumid’s Quest.

Tumid lives a very busy life and seems to be tired and hungry. He will ask that
you bring him three items before you continue on with his quest. He typically
asks for food or drinks.

Tumid is a wise old bird and appreciates a little knowledge. He will ask you
one simple question. The answer to his question can be found in the given book.
You must obtain this book by either earning it from another quest or purchasing
it directly from another player. You also must have the book placed on your
bookshelf in order to read it and move on with the quest. You only get one
opportunity to answer the question so be sure to double-check your answer before


If you provide Tumid with the correct answer he will bring you back one of
eleven library cards. These cards can be used in the Power Federation library.
Each card can be redeemed for ten stories from the respective library. As a
bonus, Tumid will also grant you 4 Purchase Credits that can be used to restock
items in the Powerpets shops. You can attempt Tumid’s Quest again once every
six hours.

Library Cards that are rewarded from Tumid’s Quest:

Pony City Library Card
Gecko City Library Card
Eagle City Library Card
Polar City Library Card
Collie City Library Card
Kuvasz City Library Card
Somali City Library Card
Wolfox City Library Card
Dolphin City Library Card
Sheepdog City Library Card
Labrador City Library Card

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