The shipwreck is located in the underwater city Abyss. If you so desire you can
explore the wreck.

Something will appear which will keep you from further exploring the wreck.
Better get rid of whatever it is quickly! You will be told to find a weapon
that does particular damage. In this example, we are told to use a weapon that
does 5 titanium damage.

You can find a list of weapons in the Outlet Manager in East New Barkston. You
should select weapon for the item type and 990 for item rarity, as usually the
lesser rarity the cheaper an item is. You will be provided with a list of all
weapons on the site with the chosen rarity as well as the armor damage each
weapon does. You should choose a weapon that matches the particular damage you
need (in this example we are looking for 5 titanium damage). There may be more
than one weapon that will do the trick, so you can pick one of your own
choosing. If you click on a weapon’s picture from this page it will bring you
to the item detail page, where you can find more information about that item
(cost, where to buy it, etc).

After you purchase your weapon, you should return back to the shipwreck. Make
sure that the weapon you chose matches the required damage needed to fend off
whatever is blocking the way. If you have multiple weapons in your backpack,
make sure that you choose the correct one because you only get one opportunity.
You will lose the weapon that you choose and if it did not provide the required
damage then you will be chased away from the shipwreck. If you use a weapon that
does provide the correct damage, you can continue on with the quest.

Of course after chasing away your predators, the door to the cabin is locked. A
voice from the other side of the door will ask you a question from a Power
Federation story.

The answer to the question can be found by reading the given story. In this
example, we are asked to read “Rewarded Messiness.” We are also told that this
story can be found in the Labrador City library list. It is important to note
from which city this story belongs, because you will need the appropriate
library card to buy this story. Because this story is from Labrador City, we
will need to find a Labrador City Library Card.

There are eleven different library cards and each card can be used to buy ten
stories from that particular city. The library cards can be obtained from
completing Tumid’s Quest successfully or from purchasing them from other
players. Once you have the required library card in your backpack it’s time to
go pick out the story. You can get to the Power Federation from a building in
East New Barkston, or it is easily accessible by clicking “Towns” at the top
right of your computer screen.

This brings you to the Power Federation Map, where you can select from one of
the eleven cities to visit. It does NOT matter which city you choose to visit
to use your library card. If you already live in a Power Federation City, you
can access your own city library. The library can be found by choosing a city,
then simply clicking on either the [Library] link at the top of the map or the
building with a book on its roof.

To add your library card you should click on the “My Cards List” link. This
page will show all eleven library cards. If you click on a library card and you
have it in your backpack, it will redeem your card for ten stories. Underneath
each card you will see “Total: # stories.” This number increases by ten for
each library card that you redeem. Each time you purchase a story from that
city’s library the number will decrease by one. Therefore, each library card is
worth ten stories from its respective library.

After redeeming your library card, you should choose the city that you’re
looking for from the dropdown menu (in this example we are looking for Labrador
City) and click on Library Book List. This will bring you to all of the stories
from that city, listed in alphabetical order. Find the story that you are being
asked a question from. If you have not previously bought that story, there will
be a [BUY] link next to its name. Buy the story (it will not cost anything
except 1 point from your library card redemption page shown above). Read the
story and find the answer to the asked question. Make sure you choose the
correct answer before you submit because you only get one opportunity to give an
answer. If you give an incorrect answer you will fail the quest and leave
empty-handed. If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with one of four
pearls, which can be used as currency to shop at Shark-O-Bell, Spice it Up, or
Nessie’s Fancy Fish. You can repeat this quest once every two hours

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