Pegg 1

The pegg hunter and shell collector work the same way, but are active during different times of the year.

Pegg Hunter is usually active around the time of: April & May
Shell Collector is usually active around the time of: July & August

Dates are however oftentimes not set in stone, so it’s important to watch for the site updates if you wish to participate.

If you have ever found Cheezilla’s Cheese, you will find that finding these shells and peggs is similar to it. Rather than a random event though, the pegg/shell will appear up top, horizontal to your pet and username, also where is says Shells: #/# or Peggs: #/#. The first # stands for the amount you currently have (and can spend), while the second number stands for the total amount for the hunt this season. It resets so you should start out with: 0/0 each year.

You can earn great prizes for participating in the hunts and it may even help you get to know PP better with hints like “Which weapons have a 991 rarity?”  (Outlet Manager). You can see a list of the prizes by clicking where it says Shells or Peggs: #/# and then Redeem. The two stores are not open year-round and close after the hunt ends, so you’ll have to spend your shell or pegg points before the stores close; there will normally be a site update to warn you.

Batches can range anywhere from 8-14 (more or less). You may only collect one shell/pegg per batch. That means if the current shell batch has 9, only 9 unique players will be able to collect that shell from the single location. The new batch will hide the shell in a new location, at random.

The Leader Board shows the top collectors. The number displayed is the user’s overall total. In 2013, every user who made the leaderboard during the Shell season received a trophy. This however may change and is not set in stone. The leaderboard also shows the amount of shells or peggs left in a batch.

You can find these shells/peggs by clicking on different pages, on any device. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just be consistent and go through different pages until you find it. They can be located almost anywhere on PowerPets. It also may not be located on the main page, but more of a subpage (Work of Art -> Coloring Fun). If you are too slow clicking it (meaning another user clicked the last one), you will see a bunny with the message too slow where the pegg/shell was located. Don’t give up!

Shells 1

If you are successful – the shell (or pegg) will grow larger. Nicely done!

Shells 2

If you need help (or wish to help), hints can be found on the Beginners forum during the hunt, although if you find a special forum dedicated or renamed for the hunt, use that instead. You’re free to post exact locations, but it’s more fun when there is a small challenge involved in decoding a user’s hint. Do not spam the forum.

Be reasonable. You may not get every shell or pegg during the time you are active, especially during hours when the batches pass through in a minute or less. Not every player actually hunts and many will be on the forum, lurking and waiting for a hint. Simple responses such as a ‘thank you’ can go a long way, rather than a complaint every time you miss one. If you are really having trouble, try a different method or ask others for their suggestions.

Please note that:

a) NAH = Not a hint. Some players will include (NAH) on the topic of their thread when posting on Beginners, noting that their thread is not a hint for the hunt. You may do this as well, however, there is no rule saying you have to.

b) Groups/teams – There is also no rule saying you may not form your own group or team outside or within PowerPets; however, do not advertise your group on the forums. You’ll have to contact those individuals privately if you wish to work with them.

c) Location – Unlike games like Dicey Mice, the Shell Collector and Pegg Hunter are not located in Games. You can find the Pegg Hunter in Cottontail Village and the Shell Collector when it is active, by clicking where it says Shells: #/#.

Best of luck!

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