Ratti can be found in the underwater city, Abyss. In her free time she enjoys
laying back and catching up on a good book. However, living underwater can
interfere with her beloved hobby and she is in constant need of new books to
read. Why don’t you help her out: maybe she’ll reward you with a brand new book
of your own?

Ratti is willing to give you a new waterproof book in exchange for a couple
other books. She will only ask for two books that you can purchase from the
PowerPets shops or from other players.

Ratti will be so thrilled that you returned with two books for her to read that
she is super anxious to go read them. You will be rewarded with a new PetPedia
or HealthPedia. As a bonus, you will also receive eight purchase points that
can be used to restock items from the PowerPets shops. You can attempt Ratti’s
Quest once every twelve hours.

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