Randy can be found at the library in North New Barkston. The library is home to all sorts of books with historical knowledge of the Powerpets cities. There is one room in the library that Randy refuses to let just anyone enter. You must prove to him that you are worthy of the knowledge that can be found inside this locked room.

To prove to Randy that you are a responsible citizen, you will have to bring him a few toys and/or food. These items are usually cheap in value which makes it a good quest for a player of any experience level. You can purchase the foods/toys from the Powerpets wholesale shops or users’ shops and swaps. After you have all of the items in your backpack, return to Randy.

If you return with the requested items, you will be rewarded for your effort. Randy will take the items and give you either a PetPedia or HealthPedia. These will be important later in the game, so it is important to hold on to these. You will also be rewarded with four purchase credits which can be used in the wholesale shops. There is no time limit to finish Randy’s quest, and as long as your pet(s) are well-fed and happy you can visit him again every six hours.

Books that the Librarian will give you:
Petpedia – Holland Lop
Petpedia – Bulldog
Petpedia – Kuvasz
Petpedia – Collie
Petpedia – Somali
Petpedia – Maine Coon
Petpedia – Samoyed
Petpedia – Ferret
Petpedia – Red Fox
Petpedia – English Sheepdog
Petpedia – Labrador Retriever
Petpedia – Camel
Petpedia – African Elephant
Petpedia – Black Rhinoceros
Petpedia – Serval
Petpedia – Bat-Eared Fox
Petpedia – DikDik
Petpedia – Cheetah
Petpedia – Giraffe
Petpedia – Zebra
Petpedia – African Barb
Petpedia – Aardwolf
Petpedia – African Civet
Healthpedia – Cat
Healthpedia – Dog
Healthpedia – Leporidae
Healthpedia – Wild Canine
Healthpedia – Mustelidae
Healthpedia – Camelidae
Healthpedia – Rhinocerotidae
Healthpedia – Giraffidae
Healthpedia – Hyaenidae
Healthpedia – Viverridae


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