Nanners the Jungle Guide


Nanners is a monkey located in Chimu. If you are to get out of PP’s wild and disastrous jungles alive, you will need to trust the guidance of Nanners. To locate Nanners, simply type Nanners into the locate bar. You should see a similar page come up:


Nanners will only take you through the deepest of Jungles if you have a complete set of the Jungle Puzzle. You will need to have the complete set in your backpack to continue. So that Nanners knows where to guide you, he will be taking the completed map from your backpack.

There are 49 pieces to this. The banana shows you which pieces are currently in your backpack. You can also click Check Puzzle for a list of missing pieces. It will also tell you how many total pieces you are missing. The cheapest way to obtain these pieces would be to go challenge Herman Howler.

If your puzzle isn’t complete now, come back when it is. Your page should look like this:


If you don’t see where it says Explore, click Check Puzzle first. Once ready, go ahead and click explore!

The page will refresh and you will find yourself on this page:


The above is an example. Any of the following items can be found in the jungles of Chimu:

Ancient Raccoon Painting
Ancient Silverware
Angry Totem
Clay Pot
Dirty Stone Arrow Tip
Duck Totem
Frog Totem
Gold Parrot Whistle
Hungry Totem
Lizard Totem
Mossy Stone Arrow Tip
Old Metal Shovel
Old Wooden Bowl and Spoon
Painted Aztec Mask
Prophecy Tablet
Skeleton Bird Fossil
Stone Armadillo Statue
Stone Owl Warrior Statue

Congratulations! If you would like, these artifacts can be traded in at the Ancient Museum for gift shop credits. All of the artifacts are worth the same amount – 1 artifact is 1 Gift Shop credit. You may then use your credits to purchase unique items.

There are also two conquests you can complete. Jungle Jim (find 5 artifacts in the Chimu Jungles) andJungle Jill (find 15 artifacts in the Chimu Jungles). Your stats do not carry over, which means you will need a total of 20 complete Jungle maps to complete both conquests.

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