Lisha the Rock Dassie lives in Tanos where it is always hot and dry. She is also known to be a hoarder of Kangabucks, so maybe you can win some by doing her a favor.


If you choose to attempt Lisha’s Quest, you will have the option to choose the easy or hard level. There are a few differences between the two. If you choose the easy level, the requested items will be less expensive and you can win anywhere from 1-10 kangabucks. If you’re feeling lucky and decide to choose the hard level Lisha can ask for drinks of any value, but you can win anywhere from 6-75 kangabucks.


Lisha is thirsty, so first she will ask you for 3-4 drinks. The cost of these drinks will depend on the difficulty level you previously chose. It is important to note that choosing the hard level may result in being asked for drinks that are unbuyable. You can purchase the drinks from the wholesale shops or from user shops and swaps.


After Lisha receives her drinks, she will ask you to answer a question. The answer to this question can be found in the pedia shown. You can obtain the required pedia from either successfully completing the quest that rewards it or by purchasing it from another user via shops or swaps. Be sure to carefully read the pedia before giving Lisha an answer: it would be a shame to lose after coming so far!

As previously mentioned, successful completion of this quest rewards the user with a pre-designated amount of kangabucks. You will also be rewarded with 40 purchase credits that can be used in the wholesale shops. You may complete the quest every 6 hours.

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