The Job Agency can be found in East New Barkston. They offer temporary jobs to Powerpets citizens who have a Job Agency Card in their backpacks.

There are two different types of Job Agency Cards. The blue card is called a Job Agency Power Card. They can be found in many areas around the site, including Padam’s Shack, Random Events, Pawn Shop, Kyla’s Perch, Fortune Cookie Machine, and more. The second card is called a Job Agency Gold Card. These cards can be found at Kyla’s Perch or the Upgrade Center in a Bag of Job Agency Gold Cards. These cards are much more pricier than the regular cards. The bonus of using a Job Agency Gold Card is that each card offers higher payouts, more purchase credits, and less wait time between jobs.

Upon arrival at the Job Agency, you will have to decide which card you will be using for that particular job. You do not have to use the same card for every job. You will be asked to acquire 1-4 items and return within two hours. The items requested and their price will depend on your current level. After your first 20 jobs are successfully completed your level will increase, and for every 10 jobs successfully completed after that your level will again increase. As previously mentioned, jobs become more expensive as your level increase, but you will earn higher rewards as well.

After successfully submitting your items, you will be brought your job statistic page. The first thing you will notice is your rewards. You will be paid in Powerbucks (the amount depends on your job level and which card you used to start the job). You will also be rewarded with either one of the Ticket Booth Cards, a Tea Ceremony Invitation, or a Lucky Silver Coin. Finally, you will also receive purchase credits (amount depending on your job level and card used) to spend in the wholesale shops. This page will also tell you how many successful jobs and failed jobs you have in your current job cycle. A job cycle is the successful completion of 300 jobs. Completing one job cycle rewards the Sapphire Stone.

It is important to note that this quest does have a firm time limit of two hours. If you last used the Job Agency Power Card you must wait three hours before starting the next job. If you last used the Job Agency Gold Card, the wait time is only 90 minutes.

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