Herman Howler’s Super Secret Jungle Map Quest

Herman 5

Herman Howler is PP’s gamer. He has super fast fingers and is great at achieving high scores in a variety of games. If you decide to take Herman up on a challenge and manage to beat his score within 2 hours, he’ll award you with a random Jungle Puzzle Piece (1-49).

To get started, locate Herman. You should see this (page) after clicking the Challenge tab:

Herman 6

Click Challenge Herman!

Herman 1

(The game Herman challenges you to may not be Dicey Mice. This is just an example.)

If you are a non-member, you will only be able to challenge Herman up to 10 times rather than 20 (upgraded accounts). You can find your daily game limit in the left box. Each surrender counts as one game, which means your Games Played Today amount will go up.

If you know you are not good at the game Herman challenged you to and have no interest in playing it, go ahead and click Surrender! As long as you haven’t reached your daily limit yet, Herman will gladly  challenge you again, although it may be to the same game. Remember that this is done randomly.

If Herman challenges you to a game you do enjoy playing, however, you are not able to beat his score – you may go ahead and surrender. After Herman realizes what your limits are, he’ll start lowering his score so you have an opportunity to beat him. For this to happen though, you must actually play the game.

Herman 3As an example:

My two Dicey Mice games played during this challenge were scores of 199 and 354.

The image shows your highest score since the challenge. A score of 354 beats Herman’s Dicey Mice score of 259. There is no need to go play again, you can click Victory! A Jungle puzzle piece will be automatically placed in your backpack.

If you are able to continuously beat Herman’s score in a particular game, he will start raising his score so that you have more of a challenge!

Remember that you only get 2 hours to beat his score. Within those 2 hours, you may play the game as often as you would like (remember to click save score!) and the page will keep track of your highest score since starting.

If you are unable to beat Herman within those two hours, you will have the option to click Declare Loss.Click to start a new challenge.

What you wish to do with your Jungle puzzle pieces is up to you. If you are able to collect all 49 and would like to trade them in for an artifact – be sure to the Ancient Museum to do so!

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