If you want to find a cheap way of obtaining Power Temple Tokens, then the Gekkie’s Greed quest is for you!

You can find Gekkie in Xiang Chung-Shi and you can complete his quest every three hours. Once you have collected all 12 Sticky Puzzle Pieces you can bring them to the Riksja Driver and he can take you to find a Power Temple Token!

Gekkie’s Greed would be considered an intermediate quest as you have to bring him weapons and also answer a question from a Petpedia/Healthpedia. The total cost of the weapons generally falls under $10,000 PBS but if you don’t have the specific Petpedia/Healthpedia on your bookshelf to answer Gekkie’s question, then it can get quite pricey.

To start Gekkie’s Quest, locate him in Xiang Chung-Shi and accept the challenge.

Are you ready for the challenge?
Find the weapons he requires in the Weapons Store in Tanos, or in player shops and swaps.

This lot of weapons will cost approximately $8,500 PBS.

Answer his question by reading the required Petpedia/Healthpedia. If you don’t have the Petpedia/Healthpedia, purchase it, put it on your bookshelf, and then you can read it.

The correct answer here is 15 pounds.

Success! You have answered the question correctly and have received a Sticky Puzzle Piece.

Gekkie is pleased.

Sticky Puzzle Pieces have a moderate resale price (anywhere between $40,000-$120,000 pbs, depending on the rarity) so even if you weren’t interested in collecting Power Temple Tokens, you could sell them in your shops/swaps and make a decent profit. You could also invest time into collecting one of each 12 puzzle pieces, and then selling the Power Temple Token you receive when you take the completed puzzle to the Riksja driver.

It is important to note that though it would appear the puzzle pieces are given out randomly, you will collect a moderate amount of some pieces, and barely any of the others. This is reflected in the resale value of each puzzle piece and could mean that those pieces that are more common will have a harder time selling (and be worth less) than the others that are harder to obtain.

If you are considering doing the Gekkie’s Greed quest on a constant basis, you would benefit from running a weapons shop and restocking it on a daily basis. This makes sense on two levels as weapons tend to have a decent resale value, and you will more than likely have the weapon/s that Gekkie requires in your shop (as Gekkie only asks for weapons available in the Weapons Store and in comparison to other categories there aren’t that many different ones). By purchasing weapons at the Weapons Store you will save lots of PBS and you can also sell them in your shop in between quests.

Good luck!

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