Miles Dig Site/ Tanos Digging Site

At the Digging Site in Tanos, you can dig the ground to find bones! Each of the 5 areas contains bones to a specific dinosaur.

The ground is very hard, but Miles found a trick. If he places food leftovers on the ground, the ants will burrow to the surface, stirring up the soil in the process. After that, it’s easy to dig down a little bit. Who knows what you’ll uncover!

This quest is relatively cheap to accomplish, but the payoff takes a while. The quest can be done every 3 hours and only requires items. Click Digging Site to get started.


For this quest you bring some food for the ants, and they uncover a dinosaur bone for you. When you have all the items, return to the Dig Site and click “I have the items!”

Pretty cool, each of the 5 clickable boxes is a different dinosaur skeleton. You can’t take the skeleton with you, but once you complete one of the skeletons you get a DNA sample – which is used for changing pet species. You can either work towards the new pet species combination of DNA you need, or you can sell the most popular DNA’s samples for easy cash.

You can view your current progress on the skeletons by clicking My Dinos.

What bones/DNA Sample will you receive for each area?


DNA Sample A
Anklyosaurus -106 Bones

DNA Sample B
Scyth Lizard – 89 Bones

DNA Sample C
Stegosaurs – 113 Bones

DNA Sample D
T-Rex – 77 Bones

DNA Sample E
Triceratops – 92 Bones

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