Dark Guardian Quest

Do you want to hatch your own mini but don’t want to spend heaps of PB’s obtaining an egg? Then this is the quest for you!

The Dark Guardian is located in East New Barkston. Once you have obtained all 12 Evolutions Puzzle Pieces, you can take them to the Riksja Driver and he will help you find your very own Evolutions Egg!

The Dark Guardian quest would be considered an intermediate quest as you not only have to bring him a few items, but you also have to answer a question from a Healthpedia/Petpedia. The items and pedias he wants are generally inexpensive, so that’s a good thing!

To start the Dark Guardian quest, locate him in East New Barkston and prove to him you are worth of taking care of an Evolutions Egg.

Do you have what it takes to take care of an Evolutions Egg? Find the items he requires in the Powerpets outlet stores or in player shops and swaps.


Answer his question by reading the required pedia. If you don’t have the pedia, purchase it first, put it on your bookshelf, and then read it. Remember to read the question fully and carefully and to select the correct answer. You will not be awarded with a puzzle piece if you answer incorrectly!


Success! You have answered the question correctly and have received an Evolutions Puzzle Piece, as well as 10 purchase credits!

You have proved yourself worthy of taking care of an Evolutions Egg! Congrats!

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