The Creepy Caves are found in the city of Kimberroo. You will need to be guided through the dangerous caves by the archaeologist Alfred Hoarobina, better known as Bungee. He will take you on a tour, in exchange for a few items of course.


You will have a choice of four caves to venture through. Each cave will ask for a different type of items and give different prizes in return. The first cave requires three cheaper toys and stuffies will give Bark Puzzle Piece 1, 2, or 3. The second cave requires three books and will give Bark Puzzle Piece 4, 5, or 6. The third cave requires four drinks and will give Bark Puzzle Piece 7, 8, or 9. The fourth and final cave requires four more expensive toys or stuffies and will give Bark Puzzle Piece 10, 11, or 12. Since the fourth cave is more expensive to tour, those puzzle pieces are generally worth more than the others.


Before reaching the end of the tour, you will have to answer a question for Bungee. He will ask you a question from one of the many non-retired books written by players on Powerpets. You can obtain the required book from one of the four wholesale book shops or by purchasing it from another player. After doing so, you must place this book on your bookshelf in order to open it and read it. Bungee will provide you with five answer choices and it is up to you to read the book and find the correct answer. Remember to double-check your answer for correctness as you only get one opportunity to provide Bungee with the correct answer.


If you provided Bungee with the correct answer, you will receive a random Bark Puzzle Piece, depending on your cave choice. Once you obtain all 12 pieces, you can visit the Riksja Driver to exchange for a Kangabuck coin. You will also receive a bonus of 28 purchase credits.


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