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Cheezilla is a huge blob of animated cheese located in Chimu. If you bring him an item he wants, he will help you in obtaining a highly sought after cheese sculpture.

This quest would be rated as an easy/medium as the item he asks for is generally inexpensive, but it can be difficult to find the cheese sculpture as he hides it around the cities of PowerPets and you only have 30 minutes to find it or you fail the quest.

The cheese sculptures’ you can receive from this quest have a high resale value as many players require them to finish Chef’s Choice. You can either use the sculptures in your own Chef’s Choice, sell them in the Swap Barn, or trade them for other cheese sculptures you don’t have. To start the quest first locate Cheezilla. He will then ask you for an item which you have to obtain and bring back to him before you can start looking for the cheese sculpture.



The only way to find the cheese sculpture Cheezilla has hidden around the cities of PowerPets is to explore every location/page within PowerPets methodically.

You can approach the second part of this quest in a multiple array of ways. You could start by exploring the cities first and visiting every location/page there first (North New Barkston, East New Barkston, Badgeria etc).

Or you could start by exploring the Explore, Account, Games, Social, Federation, Site or Help location/pages which are located on the top left hand corner.

No one can help you with this quest as the cheese sculptures’ location changes every time you do the quest and there is no way to anticipate where it could be.


Once you have found the cheese sculpture a  notification will pop up (typically towards the bottom of the page). You must click “Grab It!” if you’d like to collect your prize. It will only then be placed in your backpack.

To be successful in this quest you need to ensure the 30 minutes in which you aim to complete it, you are distraction free. Try to find a quiet location and ensure nothing will require your attention whilst you are trying to complete the quest. You only have 30 minutes and can only complete this quest once every 11 hours so you want to make sure you have all your energy focused on finding the cheese sculpture.

Be methodical and search every location one at a time. You will find the cheese sculpture you just need patience.

Happy cheese hunting!

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