Cabrillo’s Conquests

Cabrillo lives in Chimu and is in charge of handing out conquests and awarding those who have proven themselves worthy of the task.  Conquests are not the same as regular quests (Gekkie’s Greed, Creepy Caves, etc)… In March 2010, the news was announced to all of PP residents.

C. 1

The wide variety of conquests offers something for everyone. Conquests like Liquid Speed (restock 50 items from the Hydration Station) are relatively cheap and easy, while others like Dicey Mice (score 50,000 total) depend on your game skill/luck. Some conquests can only be worked on during the holidays (Easter baskets, Christmas tree, and Trick/Treat basket); others can be completed within a couple minutes as long as you have the Powerbucks. Difficultly ranges, but it also depends on you.

You can find a list of all the conquests by visiting Cabrillo’s Conquests in Chimu. My Statistics shows your personal progress in each conquest.


You can also see how far along you are by going to your profile (User Detail) and clicking Achievements (scroll to the bottom). Progress will be automatically recorded for you. Conquests you have recently contributed to will scroll up top.

C. 3

Some conquests have to completed in a sequential order. For example, you cannot start on Battle Lisha III before completing Battle Lisha II. The perquisite for that would be Battle Lisha. You can find a list of all the “Level Up” conquests in Cabrillo’s hut.

Your stats and progress also do not carry over from conquest to conquest, so in able to complete Philanthropist (give 500 giftswaps), you will need to give a total of 630 giftswaps.

Giver (give 5 giftswaps)
Big Heart (give 25 giftswaps)
Super Buddy (give 100 giftswaps)
Philanthropist (give 500 giftswaps)
5 + 25 + 100 + 500 = 630

For each and every conquest you complete, you will receive 1 point. Points can be redeemed for various prizes. Just click Redeem to see the prizes!

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