Grandpa Gekkie used to hand out Elder Scrolls to players who were knowledgeable enough to earn them. Unfortunately, Grandpa Gekkie passed in June 2007 and Gekkie was chosen to become the next apprentice. You can visit him in Xiang Chung-Shi to attempt the Apprentice Quest. The quest is known to be easy to complete and not very costly.


Gekkie is still in training for his apprenticeship under the Elder, Bubba Buddha. Part of Gekkie’s training is to take care of the Elder. Gekkie will ask you to help him out and bring him a few items.


After you bring Gekkie the items that he requested, you will be rewarded with one of seven Elder Scrolls. These scrolls can be placed on your bookshelf and then read and rated. Reading all seven Elder Scrolls is one of the requirements to becoming Elite. You can attempt the Apprentice Quest once every 24 hours.


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