Akina is a Geisha who lives in the city of Xiang Chung-Shi. She has been hosting tea ceremonies in her hut since September 2003. You must have a Tea Ceremony Invitation in your backpack in order to begin the tea ceremony.
Akina will take your Tea Ceremony Invitation if you enter her hut. She will also ask you for four items. These items are relatively cheap in value and easy to obtain from either the PowerPets shops or other players. You must have all four items in your backpack before continuing on with the tea ceremony.


The final step of the tea ceremony is to provide Akina with some knowledge. She will ask you a question from one of the many PetPedias on PowerPets. You can obtain the required PetPedia from doing other quests or from purchasing it from other players. After doing so, you must place this book on your bookshelf in order to open and read it. Akina will provide you with five answer choices and it is up to you to read the book and find the correct answer. Remember to double-check your answer for correctness as you only get one opportunity to provide Akina with the correct answer.


If you provided Akina with the correct answer, you will receive a Brown Bag Dispenser Coin for your efforts. You can take this coin to the Vending Machine in Xiang Chung-Shi to exchange for a prize. As a bonus, you will also receive twelve purchase points that can be used to restock items from the Powerpets shops.


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