01 AT Action Team History:

AT didn’t start out as one team, but as many smaller teams. These teams went by their own team names and are listed below:
Team: Rainbow Critters (unable to find team image)



Each team – for example “Rainbow Critters” had their own individual team members.

PP content administrator christyb2852  would put up any updates by these teams. These teams held events (similar to today) although pre-determined prizes were rewarded, sometimes straight from the vault and ranged anywhere from a LSC to something much rarer. Events were held in P-Mail, on the Beginners forum, and in site updates.

Although 11 teams had originally signed up, there is only one today. The reason why the teams became individual hosts was because when the hosts from each original team stepped down from their positions, it was decided that creating a single team for everyone was the best choice.

As of August 2010, christyb2852 handles the now one and only Action Team. Further on, the Action Team Center and point system was added. The point system made it possible to continue to award the players while giving the user the freedom of choosing his/her own prize.

News from the past: 000000

  • Action Team Basics:

*What is the Action Team?
The Action Team (AT) is a player run team that hosts mini games on the boards, via P-Mail, or in the site updates every week. The events may involve anything from a raffle to a contest.

*Who can play AT games?
Everyone, as long as the user has access to the P-Mails and forums.

*Does it cost anything to play?
Absolutely not! All games are created by the team users and are free to play.

*Do I get anything for playing?
Yes and no. This depends on the game. A good majority of games only award ‘winners’ AT points; however, some games will award its participants as well.

*What are Action Team points?
The Action Team points (ATP) is a currency, similar to KB or PC. You can only spend your points in the Action Team Store – locate Action or find Action Teams under the Games category.

  • Action Team Schedule:

*Where is the schedule located and when?
The new weekly schedule can be found in the site updates every Sunday.

*What does the schedule read?
It shows you what events will be hosted the following week (Sunday – Saturday), by which hosts, and when they are due. Board games can be and are hosted on the Beginner’s forum, at any time (it is up to the hosts).

*What kind of events are hosted?
This depends on the host. A variety of events involving: raffles, skill, knowledge, creativity, and more have been hosted in the past.

  • Team Details:

*Who is on the Action Team?
This depends and can change at any time; especially since the AT position is a volunteer position. The team’s administrator is: christyb2852

*What do the AT staff/members do?
These users are the ones in charge of coming up with the weekly games. They are responsible for recording point wins, writing results for the site updates, and other things. (Please note that being an AT staff is not the same as being site-staff.)

*What does (Staff) user christyb2852 do?
Christy normally hosts the Weekly Raffle (every Saturday), awards Action Team points, deals with any conflicts relating to the team, posts the hosts’ updates, and makes sure the team is running smoothly and that players are happy.

*What does (Staff) user AngelxOxBabiie do?
Angel is currently (as of July 2014) the player/helper who adds your Action Team points.

  • Action Team Rules:

*Read and follow all instructions that a host posts on their event page. Remember, an event can change each week so please make sure that you do read the Site Update post every week to make sure that you are following the instructions properly.

*Only one entry at a time unless specified.

*You can discuss about the event itself but please DO NOT ask for the answers of any questions that appear on any of the events themselves (like PP Trivia) during the event week. Anyone found cheating will be served with a warning first. If they are still found to be cheating then they will be disqualified from the event itself.

*Cheating includes P-Mailing another player for the answer, in which case both players will be at fault if the answer is shared. Please do not ask the Player Assistants, Moderators, or Staff for any answers either.

*Non-attendance. If you sign up to an event and do not show up, you will not be able to advance in the event itself.

*Abuse of the hosts or your fellow players will be NOT tolerated. Failure to adhere to this particular rule will result in immediate disqualification and even possible banning from participation from any events in the future.

  • Help/Other:

*I think I am missing points!
There could be a few reasons for this: a) you didn’t read the event directions correctly and your entry was forfeited; b) the points haven’t been added yet; c) it was a mistake on the team’s part. If you remember what event it was, contact the host. If not, let someone on the team or AngelxOxBabiie know.

*I have a suggestion/question!
The team always welcomes new ideas/suggestions and/or questions relating to Action Team! If there is a particular game you would like hosted, please send a P-Mail to an Action Team Admin, Host or use the Feedback Form. You may use the Discussion Forum for any new ideas, or you can contact a team member directly.

*Where can I find a list of current AT hosts?
The only way for you to see who the current hosts are would be to check a recent site event by the Action Team. Hosts are always listed at the bottom of the event.

*Can I join the Action Team?
Yes whenever applications are posted in site updates. The AT requires team effort and dedication – the users are not paid. If you know you cannot work in a team setting, it may not be the best choice for you. Both new and returning users may sign-up for this volunteer position.

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